How Carol cuts cloth but not margins

on Wednesday, 10 November 2010. Posted in N21 Business Blog

What do you do with all those unwearable cast offs, that are not good enough to go to Oxfam?  If you want to keep them out of landfill you can send them to Re-jigged where they will re-jig them into new (upmarket) children's clothes. Rejigged was set up by Carol Powell, in her farmhouse in rural Herefordshire. She says that she has always been passionate about fashion design and before setting up her company she used to make bespoke wedding dresses and evening gowns.

The idea came to her when she was helping to sort out clothes for a local charity shop and she was concerned about the mounting piles of unsaleable garments. She then spoke to many leading charities to see if she could source an ongoing supply of the unwanted, damaged garments that nobody wanted. A partnership with an organisation called EnviroAbility helps the firm source, wash, sort and arrange the clothing and then cut it up.       

Re-jigged then locally recrafts the usable portions of the material by hand into beautiful new (not inexpensive) and  individual garments with lots of embellishments, more Boden than Baby Gap.  Garments can also be handmade to a customer's specific requirements, even using the customer's own fabric and old pre-loved clothes.                       

Having established relationships with charities,  Carol now gives a donation back to them, for every garment she sells. Everyone is a winner, the charities have solved the problem of getting rid of the stuff they can't sell, Carol has a new business which is providing employment in rural Herefordshire and is keeping stuff out of landfill.

Clever Carol, a simple idea, but the best ideas often are. She is cutting her cloth but not her margins.

Carol is looking for business partners to sell the Re-jigged range, through parties etc. Maybe a small but original business idea for someone in N21?

Making something new from the old is a big worldwide trend, here are some other examples:

A lady called Katie Thompson, whose matra is 'don't throw anything away' has set up Recreate, an online furniture and interiors business in South Africa,  using virtually anything she can get hold of. It may not be to everyone's taste, but she's selling it!

                There is a company that has made a business out of matching up single gloves and selling them on


Its also being done on a larger industrial scale, like this company based in Houston Texas, which helps companies with unwanted waste find companies that can use it. This company, Recylce Match has featured in Entrepreneur Magazine: 100 Top Brilliant Ideas List, which says it all.


.What do you do with all those unwearable cast offs, that are not good enough to go to Oxfam?

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