Miss Mojito runs to the sun

on Friday, 10 June 2011. Posted in N21 Business Blog


if you live near or pass through Vicars Moor Lane, you can't have missed seeing the Hippy Campers, adding both colour and fun to the local area.

Sadly, the time has now come for Hippy Campers owners Andy and Fiona, to sell Little Miss Mojito and the 3 other Little Misses, to concentrate on new projects.


Andy & Fiona have created a great and profitable little business, built on passion, creative marketing and attention to detail; which could present an exciting business opportunity for someone locally.


Contact Andy & Fiona via the website www.hippycampers.com for more details.


Even if you are not interested in buying their business, have a look at the website, it is guaranteed to make you smile – and there's still time to book for this year's race to the sun!


Meet Miss Mojito. Miss Mojito is a 1970’s VW campervan, owned by Andy and Fiona Barton, who live in Vicars Moor Lane.




The couple who admit that their own ‘Run To The Sun’ days are probably over, bought the van in February and have lovingly restored her; putting in a full sized “Rock & Roll’ bed, (say no more!), a huge Riviera Slide Open Roof, BBQ, fridge, running water and grass flooring.




They understand the market they are aiming at. They are not targeting people looking for a budget ‘staycation’, but the luxury end of the camping market where demand is growing from people who want the experience of camping, the free living lifestyle, without sacrificing comfort and modern conveniences. (think luxury tepees at festivals!).  The ipod connection and the 240v plug to charge iPods, iPads, “iThis and iThat” reinforce this very nicely.




The couple designed and built the website themselves, using an off the shelf package and have done an excellent job, apart from being cheap skates and not buying the i-stock map image (go on Andy, it’ll only cost you a couple of quid!). This is not to be recommended to everyone, but these two are design literate and marketing savvy. They realise that they are not selling a few days away in an old camper van, they are selling a lifestyle, a dream of an idyllic, relaxed, escape from it all holiday.


The site is image driven, with pictures carefully selected to enable people to envisage themselves enjoying this chilled out lifestyle, with accessories colour co-ordinated, akin to an aspirational design magazine. Andy and Fiona have added great content about festivals, the countryside, coast, campsite where you could go in Miss Mojito, as well as updates on where she has been on her travels. The site, which as only been live for a few weeks will be constantly updated, which is great for the site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as Google likes fresh content. There will also be feedback added from people who have hired her, so you start to think that yourself as being part of an exclusive Miss Mojito fan club.




Most of the marketing is via social media (which now includes n21online), Andy is using Facebook and sites for camper fans, such as  http://www.camperbug.co.uk/.  The couple are hoping to acquire another couple old camper vans, in the next year or so, to grow the business, in time.




Andy and Fiona have created a business with personality, with appeal to people from 17 to 70, its much more about attitude than age.


So are you smitten with the dream of being a hippy camper?  If so Andy and Fiona are happy to give you a 10% discount on your booking if you mention n21online.com  Happy camping!






Meet Miss Mojito. Miss Mojito is a 1970's VW campervan, owned by Andy and Fiona Barton, who live in Vicars Moor Lane.

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