Highways flower beds - another 'victim' of the Great Cycle Lane Con

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An open letter to LB Enfield from Christine Williams


 Christine Williams and her daughter Lizzie

Read the Enfield Today article here

Dear Sir/Madam,


Along with a multitude of other grievances the Great Cycle Lane Con can claim yet another victim - highway flower beds.


No-one at the Council, it seems, thought fit to notify Enfield in Bloom, at least as a courtesy to its Chairman, Dennis Lushey, of the damage to be inflicted on various flower beds because they were in the way of this ill-conceived scheme which almost nobody wants but which, through devious means, has been forced upon us all.


The magnitude of the disruption is becoming clear now Green Lanes is underway and this is only the start. These are the 'Easy, non contentious ' areas that are being tackled first. We know what gridlock is like. - we had a dry run 2 weeks back one Tuesday evening when Enfield was at a standstill for hours and we shall endure many more like that when The Town and shopping centres are being done.


We Enfield residents will be sealed in along with our mad, money grabbing council.


But, back to the flower beds. Enfield in Bloom, sponsored splendidly by Spurs, is essentially run by volunteers to keep our borough- our environment - an attractive place in which to live and work and to promote a community spirit through flowers and planting. As such, many of the highway beds are sponsored, often on behalf of businesses but some by individuals and tended by volunteers. In effect, the Council enjoys an unpaid workforce who maintain many centre piece beds for the benefit of fellow residents.These public beds are the borough's ' shop window' to the world.


My daughter and I tend one such bed on the corner of Park Avenue and Village Road in Bush Hill Park. Enfield in Bloom recently paid for complete re-landscaping here only to now discover it is in the firing line and therefore to be demolished, with hundreds of pounds wasted and for which Enfield in Bloom should be compensated. The bed is a focal point in the area and we have striven to make it a feature for all to enjoy.


Ultimately, all there will be to look at will be concrete and railings.


Nobody will back down now; it has all gone too far and we are all committed to this insanity for years. We must live through it and hope against hope that one day we might get our Borough back.


Yours faithfully,


Christine Williams



A planter on a cycle lane in Camden


Enfield has been 'promised' something similiar 






Are our highways flower borders about to be sacrificed for this?

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