Got a web site that nobody visits?

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Then you need to improve your search ranking. Here is a brief introduction to SEO and PPC ... Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click 

SEO is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search engines, of which Google is by far the biggest (91% market share of UK search engines, October 2012). Appearing nearer the top of people’s search results will make your website more visible to those looking for your products or services. Someone searching on Google for ‘folding bicycle’ is more likely to be shown a link to your bicycle website if you have used the term ‘folding bicycle’ in your website heading, text and images. 
There is no payment involved. The search results are prioritised by what Google considers most relevant to users. The more relevant your content, the higher you will appear in searches, based on three main factors: ‘on the page’ SEO, ‘off the page’ SEO and violations:
‘On The Page’ SEO (we can control this directly):
• Quality – are the pages well written?
• Research – are you using keywords that you know people are searching for?
• Wording – are you using words and phrases you want to be found for?
• Freshness – are the pages updated regularly?

• Titles – do HTML tags contain keywords relevant to page topics?
• Descriptions – do meta description tags describe what the pages are about?
• Headers – do headlines and subheads use header tags with relevant keywords?
Off The Page’ SEO (influenced by visitors and other publishers):
• Quality – are links to your site from respected web sites?
• Text – do links pointing at pages use relevant wording?
• Reputation – do people respected on social networks share your content?
• Social – do your friends talk about the site on social media?
• Country – what country is your visitor located in?
• Locality – what city is your visitor located in?
• Repeat visits – does your visitor regularly visit the site? Have they ‘liked’ it?
Violations (any of these may cause a ranking penalty or ban):
• Thin – content is thin, shallow or lacking in substance
• Stuffed – excessive use of words you want your site to be found for
• Hidden – colours or design hiding words you want pages to be found for
• Paid Links – purchasing poor quality links in the hope of better rankings
• Link Spam – creating links by spamming blogs, forums or other places

PPC Advertising – Google AdWords are the search results above and to the right of the ‘organic’ search results shown on Google (shown in red boxes on the diagram below). They are advertisements shown every time someone searches on Google – in this case for ‘window cleaner Bromley’. Essentially it is an ad campaign, targetted at people who are looking for your services, but don’t yet know that you exist! When a potential customer clicks on your ad, they will be taken directly to your website (or even a specific page on your website) where they will be invited to call you or complete your form. Then all you have to do is complete the sale.
How does it work?

When someone searches on Google, an instant auction takes place behind the scenes, and the businesses that bid the most for the search term entered get their ads shown in the most prominent areas of the page. The higher your ad is on the page, the better the chance of someone clicking on it and being directed to your website. The ads can even be focused on a specific geographical area to ensure that a high volume of responders are local to your business. 
The skill is in using the best search terms and paying the right amount for them. You can’t go up against corporations with huge budgets because they will always beat you to the top of the page. You need to find a niche, and use more specific search terms, to avoid direct competition. 
Is it free?
No. AdWords is a paid service. You set a daily or monthly budget and a maximum ‘price per click’ that you’re willing to pay. The beauty of AdWords is that you only pay when someone clicks through to your website, so it is an extremely cost-effective method of advertising.
What now?
To find out more about SEO, AdWords, and how Cahoot Creative can manage the whole process for you, visit
Cahoot Creative Ltd. is registered with Google Engage for Agencies.
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Got a website that google can't find? hen you need to improve your search ranking. Here is a brief introduction to SEO and PPC ... Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click

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