Fernleigh Road Quieter Neighbourhood Scheme - Recommendations

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                  Buried in the 'bowels' of the Enfield Council website is a report relating to the Fernleigh Road Area                            Quieter Neighbourhood Scheme statutory consultation. It recommends that the scheme be adopted,                      with the changes outlined in the report. Here is a summary of the report. It is not known whether                            recommendations have been accepted by the Deputy Leader, Daniel Anderson. 







464 consultation responses were received to the consultation, many of whom (29%) were general comments and suggestions relating to the major A105 cycle lane scheme.

The key concerns raised at this 'informal' stage were:


  • Lost of parking spaces
  • The roads are already quiet ad the scheme is not therefore necessary;
  • Congestion caused by the proposed point no-entry;
  • Speed of vehicles in roads inside and outside of the proposed Quieter Neighbourhood Area;
  • That the proposals would make life more difficult for residents living within the area; and
  • Issues caused by introduction of the cycle lanes along the A105.


The results of the consultation for the two traffic calming options for Fernleigh Road and Woodberry Avenue clearly indicated that the majority of respondents from these roads were against the introduction of planters due to associated loss of parking.


A petition was also received from residents of Woodberry Avenue regarding the proposed planters and speed humps in the road. There was a lack of support for using planters as a traffic calming measure.


The report recommends that the Quieter Neighbourhood scheme for the Fernleigh Road Area be implemented, including:

  • Introduction of a 20mph zone:
  • Installation of speed humps and speed cushions in Fernleigh Road, Woodberry Avenue and Compton Road; and
  • Trialling of a point no entry feature in Stonard Road to allow for further feedback from residents.
  • The following will NOT be progressed following objections to the proposals;
  • One –way traffic in Eaton Park Road and Meadowcroft Way
  • Area wide road narrowings (wider parking bays); and
  • Banned turns into Radcliffe Road and Ringwood Way.


The report author Andrew Ruffell recommends that the necessary traffic management orders be made to bring the scheme into operation, including an experimental traffic management order relating to the point no-entry in Stonard Road. ie: unlike the so-called 'A105 Experimental Traffic Management Order', temporary materials will be used so that the pilot scheme could be reversed.


Read the report Note it is the second report.

A partial victory for the residents of Winchmore Hill?

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