Fears grow for Grovelands land

on Friday, 30 May 2014. Posted in N21 Community

Fears Grow for Grovelands Land

Joint statement by Grovelands Residents' Association and Friends of Bourneside Sports Ground


We are increasingly concerned about the fate of open land on and around the Bourneside site, part of the historic Grovelands estate. A plan of the site made available by the council has mystified us by describing part of the council-owned portion of the site as having "no public accessibility".


We are of course aware of council plans for a primary school on part of the site. We stand together opposing this. Better sites are available to meet the undoubted educational need with a less destructive impact. The land should be revitalised to retain and enhance its existing sporting use.


However, the attempt to earmark the rest of the site (adjoining Queen Elizabeth's Drive) as having no public accessibility is of great concern to us. Local residents have been using that part of the land for many years without any hindrance, in the same way that they have used the land on which a school would be situated. We fear that the move is intended to make it easier to sell the land for some form of development in the future, over and above the proposed school, completely changing the nature of the area.


Southgate has lost too much open space over the years, not least the former school playing fields at Minchenden. We should protect and nurture our remaining green space along with the wildlife and recreational needs that depend upon it.




Michael Clary

Joint Chair

Grovelands Residents' Association

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Tel: 020 8882 4679


John Kaponi


Friends of Bourneside Sports Ground

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Mobile:  07875 542 969

Twitter: @BournesideSport

27 May 2014

The Grovelands Residents Association and The Friends of Bourneside Sports Ground have issued a joint statement about their fears for the open land near the Bournside Sports Ground.

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  • Fran Errington

    Fran Errington

    02 June 2014 at 18:05 |
    With fears over use of land within Grovelands for a new school, I wonder if the unused / bearly used site ( formerly Minchenden school ) has been considered?

    The Minchenden site is nearby to Grovelands site, and is/was owned by the council.It has good access and is part of the former Southgate College ( now Barnet & Southgate College). This site has a long history of educational use, but I have heard nothing about it's revival.


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