Enough is enough - so why is Enfield Council 'kicking' the Fox Lane LTN feedback down the road?

on Thursday, 13 May 2021. Posted in N21 Community


With only a week to go before the end of the statutory consultation on the highly controversial Fox Lane LTN, residents have begun to receive letters to say that the consultation on the 'Fox Lane Quieter Neighbouhood scheme' is be be extended until 11th July.


Note the name change with no mention of the fact that this is an LTN implemented under the government's emergency pandemic legislation - which is being successfully challenged across London. 


Here is a link to the letter than some residents have received.

Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood Project Update May 2021


It is clear that Enfield Council are trying to distance themselves from the Local Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) 'brand', preferring to use the more benign 'Quieter Neighbouhood' descriptor - even though the proposed QN scheme was resoundingly rejected in 2019, prior to the pandemic.


Residents are told in the letter that Enfield Council is "extending the opportunity for comment beyond the minimum statutory consultation". 


After six months of misery and thousands of complaints surely there is sufficient evidence that this scheme 

a) isn't working in reducing traffic


b) is causing significant problems to thousands of people who live and need to travel around the area for perfectly legitimate reasons, with more than £2m levied in penalty tickets by people who have breached the boundary restirctions, without being aware that they will incur a fine. 


c) will be rejected by a large majority of people when the statututory consultation results to 19 May 2021 are analysed?


The terminology used in the letter such as "consultation survey" is not the same as the "statutory consultation" which forms part of the emergency traffic order - which commenced on 7 September 2020 7and amended further on 19 November, as the Council had not conducted the required Equalities engagement. It is these orders which require formal objection via the statutory consultation during the stated six month period as within those orders.


It is important that you lodge any concerns about the Fox Lane LTN before the statutory consultation deadline of 19th May 2021.


These let's talk "CONsulation" surveys are not the statutory consultation as regarded in law - they are non-statutory and there is no legal certainty around them. FORMAL OBJECTIONS can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding TG52/1451 - the Fox Lane LTN scheme.


However as WH councillor Ian Barnes has directed people to complete the Lets Talk Fox Lane LTN survey when people have contacted him with their complaints, the survey results must be given equal weight.



Why is the deadline being extended to July?

a) is it to discourage a last minute surge of submissions before the 19/5/21 statutory consultation date?


b) to kick the 'problem' down the road?


c) to await the outcome of the High Court judgements of LTNs in Hounslow and Lambeth and TfL's appeal on 15 June to a High Court, against the  judgment on 21 January that the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL) “acted unlawfully” in their treatment of licensed taxis, in the Streetspace for London Plan and associated Guidance and the A10 Bishopsgate Traffic Order.



The urgent question that needs to be asked is whether Enfield Council is meeting its statutory obligations under the Road Traffic Regulation Act to fully consult with residents?

The Experimental/emergency scheme cannot be made permanent until this has been undertaken.

Remember Cllr Barnes has said that he would listen to residents,



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