Deviating by design?

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The trees outside the Green Dragon Parade, outside Pounds, Couture, Past Times Toys and other businesses on this parade were removed with very little warning in early March. 





These trees, planted less than five years ago were not scheduled for grubbing up on the A105 Statutory Consultation drawings.


Why have they been removed?


I have looked carefully at the amended consultation drawings and compared them with the Google Earth images. I have come to the conclusion that the drawings were produced in a hurry, without the necessary surveys and do not show in sufficient detail the work that is needed to be carried out to make the scheme viable. There are enough errors on the two areas that I have looked at as to question the suitability of those drawings being publicly issued for consultation. If other areas contain similar inaccuracies, then it would render the whole consultation process meaningless and a complete waste of time.


Here is the road outside of Pounds as shown on the consultation drawings and on Google Earth.  Firstly the trees that have just been cut down are clearly seen on the Google Earth image and they are shown as being retained on consultation drawings.






Secondly, on the Vicars Moor Lane end of the drawing, the road widths kerb to kerb are shown. 





One of the numbers is indistinct but ignoring footway width they add up to (I would reason) 16.25 metres. I have dimensioned the existing kerb to kerb width on Google Earth. It is more than 4 metres less.






Therefore the road must be widened by more than 4m. and pavements narrowed to make space and yet this major road widening is mentioned nowhere on the drawing.


We are having the wool pulled over our eyes.  Why was this not done by Ringwood Jacobs, the consulting engineers responsible for both the drawings and the construction. ? It is an easy exercise. I am a first timer and I was able to do all of the above in under an hour.


A similar thing has happened outside of Coffee Break on the Fords Grove junction. Ringwood Jacobs found difficulty getting the cycle lane around the tree that is shown as being retained while still leaving a footpath.This once again is evidence that the construction stage of this project was started with insufficient detailed design having been carried out.


So they cut the tree down!


Peter Johns

Retired Chartered Engineer, Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer

The trees outside the Green Dragon Parade were removed with very little warning in early March. Why?

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