Cycle lane construction has your life been blighted?

on Friday, 18 November 2016. Posted in N21 Community

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as stated publicly that cycle lanes should not be built on main roads in outer London.


He says that mistakes were made in the planning of cycle lanes by the previous mayor and his team.

To quote a recent LBC interview:

"I would criticise the previous mayor and his team for the way they administered the previous cycle superhighway, the construction work took too long, it shouldn't have been permanent to cause these problems, and some of the routes they chose weren't tried and tested. If you look at segregated cycle lanes in other parts of the world they suck it and see first, they're not permanent structures because sometimes they want to move them around"

"Congestion is a serious issue, particularly diesel vehicles causing huge problems with air quality, so this is why I have appointed a cycling and walking commissioner and one of the things he is going to be doing is to make sure that we learn the lessons from cycle superhighway. We are making sure we speak to the councils and try and divert cyclist away from main roads onto what I call quiet ways in order to encourage people particularly in outer London to cycle rather than have all our eggs in the Embankment cycle superhighway previous generation basket. By the way speaking to those who dig up our roads, the utility companies this can cause congestion, the bad news is that as a consequence of the congestion not only is it leading to worse air quality but people are stopping using certain buses because they can't rely on getting from A to B, so it is in everyone's interest to sort out congestion in London".



In the three months since cycle lane construction started on the A105, around Masons Corner and Ridge Avenue, congestion in the local area has got gradually worse, especially when construction work began at both ends of Winchmore Hill Broadway in January.

Now it is winter more people are using our cars and we are now suffering gridlock which is causing massive problems for people in their daily lives. People are avoiding the area as much as possible, which is resulting on more vehicles using residential routes through Grange Park, Winchmore Hill and Bush Hill Park.  



Enfield Council 'promised' mitigation to reduce the risks of congestion and loss of income for our local businesses. 

MITIGATION def: the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something


Instead of putting measures in to prevent the disruption to our local high street, they closed the crossing making it more difficultand dangerous for people to get across? MITIGATION?


If you read the comments below you will see that there are many residents who are disgusted that this scheme is being imposed on our area. contrary to the mantra that "Cycle Enfield is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to transform our borough making Enfield's streets better and healthier for everyone."  


 John Baxter's letter









When the construction is finished the problems will continue, the traffic isn't going to go away, with all traffic being confined to one lane on most of the roads leading into Enfield, this sadly is going to be the new new normal.

Our businesses are already suffering. Some cannot sustain protracted loss of income. They still need to pay their rent, utilities, staff, rates etc aand earn a living. More businesses are at risk when the construction moves further down Green Lanes towards Winchmore Hill Broadway in January.

Leaflets are being distributed along the A105 and neighbouring roars, urging residents to voice their complaints.

These will be collated into a report to be put to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and other project stakeholders that we are disgusted that these cycle lanes are being constructed

against the wishes of residents/rate payers.


 If you haven't received the leaflet click on the image to read it


Here is the construction schedule, to show when your section of the A105 is due to be affected.



Click on the image to download

A crowdsourcing page has been launched, However, it is less about money, more about giving the people of Enfield a chance to express their views which have been ignored. If you can spare £10 to help getthis message across, here is a link to the fundraising page. Any money that is not used will be donated to a local charity.



The Regeneris A105 economic risk assessment report forecast that busineses on the A105 would suffer only minor problems as a result of the cycle lane construction.

Has your life been blighted by the current building works?

If so please can you leave a comment below.

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The views of local residents, businesses and community groups will be compiled into a report

to explain to LB Enfield, Sadiq Khan, TfL and the GLA

that Enfield Mini Holland is a Mess

 and must be stopped before it creates even more damage to our local communities. 



Has your life been unduly affected by the cycle lane construction? If so please let a comment.

Comments (134)

  • Tanya


    18 November 2016 at 12:09 |
    I was late taking my elderly mother up to Chase Farm on Wednesday, it is a journey we do regularly, I can't believe how much the traffic has increased along Old Park Road in the last couple of weeks. What can we do about it?


  • Elaine Rippington

    Elaine Rippington

    18 November 2016 at 14:11 |
    I own and run a small dog walking business from Ridge Avenue. I employ 3 other people and operate 2 vans. The last month has been horrendous. Both vans are now on the road for an hour and a half longer each day than they used to be. This results in extra staff costs, extra fuel costs, disappointed customers who's dogs are now being walked too late and a very frustrated workforce. How much extra CO2 am I adding to the atmosphere to accommodate this 'green cycle lane'?

    I would love to have one of our labour councillors ride along with us for a day to see what chaos he/she is causing.


    • Karen


      21 November 2016 at 00:09 |
      I am disgusted with what this council is doing to us, pulling out of Green Dragon Lane has always been dangerous, but this is impossible. Will it now only be one lane for traffic turning either left or right? If so the queues are going to get even worse, who do we write to, this can't be allowed to continue


  • Katy


    18 November 2016 at 14:39 |
    I am primarily a pedestrian and bus user along the A105 and have noticed significant delays to the 329 bus throughout the day. This is supposed to be a frequent service and I have, at times, given up on it and walked further along the road until one appears. While that's probably doing wonders for my legs, it's not fair when I need to get somewhere quickly.

    I also recently had to cross the Green Dragon Lane junction where it meets Mason's Corner and it was quite nervewracking. The cars leave so little space when they're stopped and you can't predict how drivers are going to act when they get impatient. There is no provision for pedestrians here and if there was then drivers were ignoring it.

    I'm not looking forward at all to when the works move further up the road!


  • Lawrie Alderman

    Lawrie Alderman

    18 November 2016 at 15:41 |
    I live in Henrietta Gardens off of Compton Road in Winchmore Hill.
    I have experienced journey times to Palmers Green and Enfield Town that have taken 4 - 5 times longer than experienced before these roadworks started. I am going to have to seriously consider relocating if this scheme is to be put in place as it is a joke. It is deplorable how such a scheme can be forced upon local people who from the outset have been dead against it. If I was a cyclist I would not wish to encounter the wrath of angry drivers in N21


  • Lawrie Alderman

    Lawrie Alderman

    18 November 2016 at 15:49 |
    PS I have noticed a marked increase of speed of vehicles on other minor roads in N21 and namely Station Road. I suspect that frustrated drivers - once out of the traffic - put their foot down in a vain effort to try and make up time. How many accidents will be attributable to this as a side show?


  • Sarah and Jack

    Sarah and Jack

    18 November 2016 at 20:15 |
    We live on Percy Road, have a son to take a nursery on Green Dragon Lane then drop our daughter off at her child minder. We had got into a reasonable routine but the last few weeks have been a nightmare. I am furious, but my husband and I used to cycle to work when we lived in Finsbury Park but thus isn't feasible with our young family. There is no consideration been shown to local people to put it frankly this cycle lane scheme stinks


  • Nick


    18 November 2016 at 20:36 |
    I am sorry to say that I was too busy in the last year to pay much attention to what was going to happen, I stupidly thought when I heard that over a thousand people has rejected the plans that the council would have to rethink. Please campaigners let us know what you want us to do, if the council tries to take this all the way down to Palmers Green it will be a disaster


  • Shirley W

    Shirley W

    19 November 2016 at 08:44 |
    Has anyone driven down Ridge Avenue lately? I hope you enjoyed the view as you waited in line... this morning I saw an ambulance, blue lights flashing, delayed for several minutes. I sincerely hope nobody died as a result of the delay.
    And the 329 bus service - formerly excellent - has completely gone to pot. Waiting for 30 - 45 minutes to get down from Enfield is not unusual because the buses have not got through Ridge Avenue so cannot turn around.

    Now moving up beyond Church Street and causing chaos on the corner near St. Stephen's.

    Who do we need to thank, Boris for originating the idea TFL for providing the money and tempting Enfield Council, Mayor Khan for his promise to consider the objections of locals or - let's blame the EU, that's always [popular.


  • Stephen


    19 November 2016 at 09:27 |
    My family live on Ridge Avenue and I am disgusted that we weren't told all this was going to happen on our road. We don't have a big drive, it has made it very difficult for our elderly parents who are frequent visitors. Even if there was a 100% increase in cyclists using this route it still wouldn't be justified. From what I can see many of them cut up through Bush Hill so don't even use Ridge Avenue! What a shambles.


  • Mick


    19 November 2016 at 10:02 |
    Like Steve we also live on Ridge Avenue, but are planning to move next year. Our house has probably lost value, so we may not be able to fund the higher mortgage we are going to need. Are the council going to give us compensation for ruining our homes? I voted Labour in the last election but not next time, I didn't vote for this scheme, the sooner this irresponsible load of louts are ousted the better for Enfield


  • Neil


    19 November 2016 at 12:52 |
    I think Enfield Council are living in a parallel universe to the rest of us.

    Fortunately I don't need to use Ridge Avenue on a daily basis but I was very surprised this morning to see that the cycle lanes are now being constructed simultaneously on both sides of the road near Mason's corner with a contraflow in place.

    It took me about 10 minutes to get through this on a Saturday morning so goodness knows what it is like during the week.

    Looks very badly organised and I find it interesting that NOWHERE along the route is there any mention of the reason for the works. Are the council hiding something or is it simply they do not want to draw attention to this money-wasting scheme?

    I also noticed that where the scheme builds out from the turning junctions the resulting paved area is wider than the lanes. If they build one on either side of the road it appears that two buses will not be able to pass each other. The way it is going at present I would be very concerned if I needed a call out from the fire or ambulance services at the moment.

    Unlike Brexit and the US elections the residents of Enfield did not vote for the scheme and the council overrode a democratic result. I like the irony of the signs saying 'do not overtake cyclists - narrow lanes' What cyclists? Any with sense are avoiding the neighbourhood. I predict the scheme will be completed and then ripped out by which time a new council will be elected. If one single initiative could result in a new council it could be this one.


  • Dyann R

    Dyann R

    19 November 2016 at 16:46 |
    I would put most of the blame on Enfield Council's intransigence and obstinacy. Their so-called consultation was flawed from the outset and they did not listen to the views of residents and businesses. And because of that the majority of us who live and work in the area will continue to suffer in the ways mentioned above even when the construction work is completed.


  • Una M

    Una M

    19 November 2016 at 16:56 |
    I live on Ridge Avenue. How do you think I feel having to put up with the noise congestion and complete disregard for pedestrian crossing the road?With no warning our drives were continually blocked off disgruntled motorists not allowing us out of our drives.Getting to work and school run a bloody nightmare but worst of all the removal of traffic islands in middle of the road making crossing the road totally unsafe for all especially the young and elderly. Thanks a bunch Enfield Council and Tfl you suck!!!


  • Anthony F

    Anthony F

    19 November 2016 at 17:31 |
    Is the congestion due to road works or the narrowing of the road due to the cycle lane? If the former it might improve as Brian P says if the latter we have a future of disruption, delayed bus journeys and increased pollution. When planning the route, no thought has been given to pedestrians or the poor souls living along the route.


  • David L

    David L

    19 November 2016 at 17:33 |
    Cars are not causing this problem - it is the Cycle Enfield policy of Enfield Council.

    Grange Ward councillor Terry Neville spoke about the very poor governance of the scheme – the fact that the people doing the traffic modelling are a part of the Ringway Jacobs group that will benefit from undertaking the work; the fact that Cabinet had ignored the 1600 objections submitted during the Statutory Consultation for the A105 scheme, with Cllr Anderson claiming to have read the flood of submissions that had come in at the end in a few days. No notes of the discussions between officers and the councillor had been kept, in contravention of normal practice. He confirmed that the External Auditor is now considering these issues. In the meantime he encouraged residents to send in comments for consideration at the Cabinet Meeting and he also emphasised that we should not be reassured by the small gains we have won so far, there are (as you can see above) many more problems with the scheme so we should not rest on our laurels but keep on fighting.

    In a recent meeting, our Grange Ward MP David Burrowes congratulated all residents who had been involved in campaigning against the scheme. He didn’t want to revisit the points that had already been wellmade by previous speakers but observed that many of the problems we have been facing arose from Andrew Gilligan’s belief that he knew better than the people of Enfield what was needed in the town. While Gilligan’s departure has helped clear the way for revision of the plans there clearly remain serious issues to resolve. David continues to believe that the council should listen to residents’ concerns about the scheme and like Terry he encouraged us to write to the council to express our views. He also pointed out that if the Boundary Commission proposals went through, we would no longer have one MP dealing with this area but five, which would make life much more difficult for residents. He therefore encouraged residents to write to the Boundary Commission to give their views.

    ‘Improvements’ to the A105

    Many of you will have experienced the joy that is the A105 in the vicinity of Masons Corner at present as work continues on the cycle lanes. Shops there have reported a 90% drop in income since the work began. Side roads are becoming rat runs. Quite how is this ‘A better Enfield for Everyone’? And don’t think it’s just due to the construction work – that might be the case if the road was down to single alternate lanes, but in fact all that is happening with the cones in place is a simulation of what travel along the A105 will be like from now on.

    Here’s a statement from the headmistress of St Anne’s School (which has two sites, one on London Road, the other in Palmers Green) about the impact these ‘road improvements’ are having there:

    "Pupils are arriving late, especially as so many buses are being delayed and the road works are having a serious impact on the movements of teaching staff who work on both sites and have to travel between them during breaks and lunch-hours. The traffic has become so bad, even using back roads as 'shortcuts', that staff are missing lunches when delayed in order not to be late for lessons. They are not travelling between the sites just at peak morning and evening times, but throughout the day, and are still being unacceptably delayed. We are concerned that this is not just temporary congestion whilst the works are in progress but a foretaste of how the narrower roads will impact their working day for the future".


  • Steve R

    Steve R

    19 November 2016 at 17:42 |
    The situation at Mason's Corner is not a temporary problem caused by roadworks. The roadworks do nothing more than create the situation we will all face with cycle lanes - i.e. two single lanes of traffic with no overtaking space in the event of a bus stopping. When this situation applies the whole length of the A105, all the way to Enfield Town, what we see now will be a pale shadow of what will happen later. There are so many depressing aspects of this cycle lane business:
    the fact that we have predicted this accurately and persistently been rubbished by Council responses - on the basis of no evidence whatsoever
    the fact that despite all the publicity there are still people posting on this site who "didn't know it was coming" (or words to that effect)
    the fact that, even on this site, you can count the numbers of cycle lane advocates on the fingers of one hand - further evidence that the 'many' will be seriously inconvenienced while the 'few' cross their fingers and hope things will be better eventually
    There is a much longer list but I'm far too depressed to work my way through it.


  • Pam D

    Pam D

    20 November 2016 at 16:21 |
    I live on Park Avenue, the building works are nearly upon us with St. Stephens Church junction being a nightmare. But I am pleased that Enfield Council have changed the Enfield Town portion by allowing cars to drive through the town as they do at present. Maybe now the shopkeepers will have confidence and renew their leases and stop the rot of the empty shops, which matter not to the council as landlords are forced to pay full rates whether a commercial property is empty or in use. Also the comment about an ambulance being held up, do you realise that if you move into a cycle lane to allow an emergency vehicle to pass (as we all do now) that is a CRIMINAL offence, tell me how we will live with ourselves if we just drive normally and block an emergency vehicle? Also the removal of essential bus stops and central traffic islands, bus passengers having to cross cycle lanes to get on and off buses, all spells disaster of increasing traffic/pedestrian accidents with blocked emergency vehicle access - as Dad's Army says - we are all doomed!!!


  • David F

    David F

    21 November 2016 at 15:57 |
    I really feel sorry for the residents of Ridge Avenue and Park Avenue. I have several customers that will be affected by the Cycle Lanes because I will not be able to park my van and provide the same service to them that I have been doing for years. Along with gardeners, supermarket deliveries, the Royal Mail and parcel services, where are we all supposed to park whilst visiting these addresses?


  • BO


    21 November 2016 at 19:16 |
    A friend and I are hoping to go to Punto's for lunch this week but are resorting to using a cab to get there and back as from what I see and hear, there will be no hope of two somewhat infirm and not-so-young ladies having a chance of parking nearby. Sounds like more penalties for the less able for the sake of a couple of bikes


  • Tessa Stevens

    Tessa Stevens

    23 November 2016 at 13:57 |
    The disruptions to our salon due to the roadworks for the cycle lanes directly outside our salon have caused the majority of our clients to turn up late for their appointments. The noise is ridiculous. Clients are complaining that there is immense traffic and that the Green Dragon Lane junction is a nightmare and very dangerous. None of them will cycle instead of walking or driving as they either have too much to carry, children, do not want to get wet, live in flats have no space for bikes and definitely prefer to walk.

    Parking in he local residential roads is now impossible and people have started to double park to the rear of the salon which has caused problems for our deliveries from suppliers. Most of them have not been able to deliver due to no parking nearby and as the deliveries are big and heavy they will not cary them from a distance. We are having to redirect all our deliveries to our office address and deliver them to salons personally.

    Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinic


  • Julie R

    Julie R

    23 November 2016 at 19:55 |
    I happened to be working at home today and had to go to the vet's at Station Road at 2 o'clock. I couldn't get out of Woodberry Avenue for the traffic. Once at the vet, there were no spaces in the Village Vet car park, however, only one of the cars belonged to a client, all the others were from "somewhere else". Turns out it was as a result of the parking restrictions in Fords Grove car park, which now is empty and the cars who normally park there are parking wherever they can find a space, including in private car parks!
    Well done Enfield!


  • Stephanie S

    Stephanie S

    24 November 2016 at 09:40 |
    I work for a local care agency with lots of clients in Bush Hill Park, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill. Over the past few weeks my job has become a nightmare. I am constantly late for my appointments, I was stuck yesterday near Sainsburys in a long tail back yesterday afternoon. I arrived twenty minutes late and my client was very anxious. Hasn't anyone in that great big ivory tower actually thought through the consequences of what they are actually doing?


  • Mary Jacobs

    Mary Jacobs

    24 November 2016 at 13:58 |
    I was planning to drive down to Enfield for some index cards from Rymans/Smiths, but after the traffic and the length of time it might take me, I bought them went on eBay, with free postage – due Saturday.

    Sad - but true. And, of course, the knock-on is, that I always pop into Waitrose and the Market – but today I'll pop in to M & S in Southgate where I can park free with no traffic hassle.


  • C. Webb

    C. Webb

    25 November 2016 at 15:52 |
    Just driving from Enfield town to Ruth Winston in Palmers Green,took almost an hour. Coming back was worse as kids are being let out of schools in Winchmore Hill really early now so by the time I get to Sainsburys in Green Lanes the traffic held by emergency light and kids crossing,bparents trying to collect their kids, it is rediculous .


  • Neil L

    Neil L

    28 November 2016 at 15:44 |
    "My friend Ian told me he was coming home on a bus from Walthamstow to Wanstead and the new cycle lane works added at least 20 minutes to his journey. He said that it is obvious that the people using the buses, the elderly and mothers with children are the ones most inconvenienced by the scheme who have no other choice than to use public transport. When I first told him about what was going on in this area he thought I was just having a moan and now he has changed his opinion completely.


  • Angela


    29 November 2016 at 13:13 |
    Having lived in Old Park Ridings for over 20 years, we have seen traffic increase gradually over the years, but in the last three weeks it has gone into 'overdrive' with a constant flow, both ways (making access/egress from our driveways impossible), where motorists are avoiding the 'Main Road' route via London Road/Green Lanes and at excess speeds way over the 30mph!!. This is obviously caused by the road works on the above route but with its future completion of cycle lanes, car drivers will avoid it at all costs and the only other direct route from Palmers Green/Winchmore Hill will be via Old Park Ridings. Having experienced several motoring fatalities on our road, we have campaigned over the years for 'calming measure'. This always fell on deaf ears as it was considered an 'emergency route' for ambulances to Chase Farm, which no longer applies. In the future, due to the increased traffic spilling over from London/Village Road there will be more casualties on this road, as well as throughout the route of the cycle lanes, due to reduced lanes and bus passengers having to cross them on alighting from the bus!! In addition, roads leading off Green Lanes have become extremely dangerous 'rat runs' by motorists trying at all costs to avoid the 'works' and race to their destinations. My son and family live in Sherbrook Gardens where parking is at a premium at all times of day, as well as drivers speeding up/down the 'chicane-like' route, unable to see in the other direction due to the bend in the road - so dangerous for all but especially children, many of which are using the community facilities at the local tennis club situated behind the houses.
    This project needs to be stopped before there is more loss of life, loss of trade to local businesses and greater expense, as well as apparently now LOSS OF TRAIN SERVICES from the local station. The only people to benefit from all this will be the handful of cyclists using this new, very expensive facility, at the cost in many other ways to the majority of residents.


  • Andy


    30 November 2016 at 08:09 |
    Just received a letter from London Highways Alliance to say that the resurfacing of the completed section in Ridge Avenue will be done between 12th and 21st December. Noisy works will take place between 8pm and Midnight and quieter works will go on until 5am. Is this even legal? Won't it be breaking the councils own noise regulations? As if our lives haven't been blighted enough we will now have 9 days without sleep!


  • Evelyn


    02 December 2016 at 17:03 |
    Travelling around Enfield has been awful this week. I am beginning to feel like a prisoner in Grange Park. Journeys into Enfield Town are taking four times longer than normal. I am starting to hate living in Enfield.

    I also feel incredibly sorry for the shop keepers who must be losing so much custom at what should be their busiest time of the year. When the Council find that the shops are shutting down because they can't pay their bills they will miss the income they generate. What the Council is doing to local businesses is downright evil.


  • SDJ


    02 December 2016 at 17:08 |
    I am a resident in Grange Park and am staggered at the way in which Enfield are riding roughshod over the opinions of local residents. Due to their stubborn disregard for common sense and the views of people who live and work here, we are suffering from traffic jams and increased pollution. Roads that were quiet and not designed for significant traffic are now rat runs as people avoid the cycle route. As for local shopping, forget it. All the shops that I would stop by in on my way home are now totally inaccessible. Wake up Enfield Council, this is a vanity project which simply highlights your lack of regard for the community that you are supposed to be serving.


  • Ann


    02 December 2016 at 18:28 |
    A short while ago I walked down Vera Avenue to The Grangeway and was astonished by the amount of traffic, mainly coming north from Old Park Ridings. Obviously all avoiding the nightmare that is now Green Lanes/Green Dragon Lane. a normally quiet road is now becoming a main road.


  • Julian brooks

    Julian brooks

    02 December 2016 at 20:17 |
    The council have given no thought or consideration whatsoever to the residents of a Park Drive and Grange Park Avenue regarding the increase in 2 way traffic as people avoid green lanes/ ridge avenue .It is horrendous and will only get worse when the cycle lane is up and running.Peope parking on Bush Hill and the corner of a Grange Park Avenue. In order to use the masons corner shops are creating havoc with the traffic who use this route as a cut through to from Enfield Town.There will be lots of accidents I can assure you ,can someone from the council please see sense over this.


  • Sue P

    Sue P

    08 December 2016 at 10:01 |
    I was coming home from near St Stephen’s Church so came along Village Road to Teynham Avenue where I had to wait in the centre of the road to turn right. There was a lot of oncoming traffic from the Ridge Avenue Library direction so I had to wait for ages – and this was at a point where work has started to install the cycle lanes. I assumed that cars might be stuck behind me, but no! Even though I have a tiny car and was as close to the centre of the road as possible, cars were squeezing alongside me to get past – and several just narrowly missed my wing mirrors. No-one was prepared to wait and I sensed road rage beginning to be aimed at me because I was seen to be holding up all the traffic. I felt like a sitting target. This will happen all along the road where side roads opposite are available and is an accident waiting to happen. As it happened, even when I saw a gap and started to cross, I couldn’t get into Teynham Avenue because of all the works vehicles parked and moving there! So again, I was stuck in the open road with no escape route! A fraught journey but it won’t get any better when the works are complete because the road will be so narrow. I fear what being stuck there will be like with an oncoming bus – has anyone actually measured the road to see if this will work??


  • Terence White

    Terence White

    10 December 2016 at 11:44 |
    Enfield council have not taken into consideration the opinions of the residents. The contract was already given signed sealed and delivered before they even had meetings, it was going ahead weather we wanted it or not. I have walked from Palmers Green into Enfield town and back on a Sunday morning when bike riders would be about. I noted 2 in the time I was walking. I think a great deal of damage is going to be done to the shops for a very tiny minority, who may I say do not pay insurance or road tax. If they are having special treatment I think they should also be charged a road tax for the convenience, Also all the well kept flower beds are just being ripped out willy nilly with no concern. It is going to also be dangerous for pedestrians when catching a bus. I might add that if I am hit by a bike whilst boarding or exciting a bus apart from the thumping they will get I will be suing Enfield council.


  • Tony O

    Tony O

    10 December 2016 at 17:22 |
    I've just got on a 329 bus in palmers green. It terminated at station road. When I asked the bus driver why she said that TfL rules are that she is not allowed to work for more than 5.5 hours. because of the traffic from the cycle lanes works it would take too long to get through meaning lot of buses are terminating in winchmore hill. It meant I had to get off and wait for a 2nd bus so as t get to Enfield town. Delays, inconvenience and cost!!!


  • Jan & Ray

    Jan & Ray

    10 December 2016 at 17:35 |
    We were planning to do some Christmas shopping in Enfield today, but turned off at Church street, well done Enfield council for sending us to Westfield


  • Nicola Burt

    Nicola Burt

    10 December 2016 at 18:57 |
    We live in Village Road in between St Stephens Church and Bush Hill Parade. Since work has begun it is extremely dangerous getting on and off our drives, parking is impossible and traffic horrendous and can only get worse. On Tuesday the workmen drilled through my gas pipe and we were without gas for several hours thankfully it was a mild December night. My gas was switched back on at 10pm and I was unable to get of my drive until the workmen came back the following day fortunately we never needed too.
    Who thought the run up to Christmas was the ideal time to start the works, shops are at their busiest and time is precious to everyone.
    They have removed a beautiful flower bed from the corner of Park Ave and Village Road that two lovely ladies had recently replanted in memory of a loved one, is this being replaced?
    Please can anyone answer if a survey was ever conducted on how many cyclists use this route? As we have and it is minimal! Also where do they go once they arrive at Palmers Green?
    Has anyone actually looked at the bus stops in Ridge Ave? The cyclists go up and over so on disembarking the bus you are in the cycle lane (pure madness).
    We attended all the meetings and can assure you the overwhelming majority of people were against this idea.
    During the week we received a leaflet from the council detailing information on the Borough and requesting any suggestions on money saving ideas for the next few years, here’s one save the £12 million extra that the cycle lane is costing!! A pure waste.
    Our major concerns are for the health and safety of the residents in Enfield:
    • Pollution from the congestion due to traffic
    • Safety getting on and off buses
    • Emergency vehicles attending accidents, delays could result in deaths
    • Businesses being effected – possible closures
    PLEASE LISTEN to the residents in Enfield and stop this ludicrous idea before it is too late, similar lanes are in Central London and it has caused nothing but extra traffic and closures to roads.
    We are proud to live in a country where freedom of speech is allowed but on this occasion no one is listening.
    Call a REFERENDUM on this idea and see what results are received and save us from the misery of currently living in Enfield.


  • Pat Gubb

    Pat Gubb

    10 December 2016 at 19:39 |
    We are a retired couple who frequently use the bus service in Enfield, I can see no logic in this plan as to how the elderly, disabled and mothers with buggies will safely embark and disembark off of buses. We have a large family who frequently visit and it has now become a complete nightmare trying to access our drive or find suitable parking. I have young grandchildren who everyday rely on the bus service to Enfield Town to attend school, this is having a large affect on their attendance and education as the service has now become unreliable. My husband and I often take walks in the local area and I cannot seem to understand how any member of the Council has come to the conclusion that a cycle lane is necessary as there are simply not enough cyclists that use the route. Any cyclist with common sense would avoid this chaos and choose the back roads for their own safety. My son offers a collection and delivery service of fresh produce to the local community and the forthcoming restrictions will have a large impact on his business. Over the years of living here our road has had many major traffic incidents some even resulting in death which have required immediate emergency services, with this plan going ahead this will no longer be efficient. If bowing to the minority means this ludicrous scheme goes ahead you will find many of the quieter back roads will be rat runs and could prove fatal for residents. This needs to be stopped now!!


  • Julian B

    Julian B

    13 December 2016 at 11:53 |
    I am writing this email to you at 10.45 pm feeling deeply insulted by Enfield Council's lack of consideration for their residents. I discovered from the Seabird dry cleaners on Masons corner last week that there were to be noisy night works on the cycle lane from 8pm to 5 am from the 12th Dec until the 23rd Dec. Well no one notified the nearby residents and no one lives closer than us to the works. It unbelievably appears that the shops were notified but they close at 6 pm ish and are obviously not going to be affected during the night.
    > This is utterly ridiculous, my children cannot get to sleep, we can barely hear the television and we have to put up with this for the next 10 days in the lead up to Christmas. Very loud drilling, cutting ,and machines making very loud monotonous beeping noises. This is on top of the hellish traffic problems and the huge increase in cars using Grange Park Avenue as a cut through.
    These late night works are completely unacceptable and someone should be brought to account over this. I know this email will be futile like my previous ones relaying my concerns over this cycle lane project. By the way I am a keen cyclist myself before I get accused of being part of the anti-cycle lobby.


  • Claire


    13 December 2016 at 16:19 |
    I echo all the comments above. In particular I am someone who in recent years has almost always walked/ taken the bus into Enfield Town. Not this Christmas courtesy of the council's refusal to listen to us local residents- I shall be shopping just about anywhere else but Enfield. It's a nightmare going anywhere near the A105.


  • Keith


    13 December 2016 at 16:56 |
    A major flaw of this cycle-way schemes, in my view, the philosophy of reducing the motor vehicle capacity of one of the few wider main roads ( Green Lanes) in the Borough for the benefit of a proportionately fewer number of cyclist road-users. Reducing the main road to single lane motor traffic each way will for example lead to multiple hold-ups along the route ( especially at peak- hour travel) where a vehicle driver is trying to make a right turn across the opposite traffic flow. I am a cyclist myself so I am not against the potential health benefits of cycling, except to say that I would be dubious about breathing in increased fumes from slower ( and thus less engine efficient) motor traffic that would result, in my view, if the total scheme goes ahead. When I cycle in the Borough I believe I am astute enough to choose routes deliberately away from main roads without significantly increasing my journey times. Just as a minority of motorists have poor regard for cyclists I am saddened by the apparent arrogance of some cyclists who cycle as if they are the only road user, and disregard traffic signals. I will be interested to see, for example, if the proposed new traffic signals at the Green Lanes/Station Road are implemented ( folly in my view because of the 'potential backup of traffic, especially to Ford's Grove) will see cyclist waiting patiently or jumping the lights.

    Whilst referring to this section of the 'Mini Holland' scheme the substantial reduction of parking to the Broadway and the 'tri-angle' at Compton Road/Green Lanes Junction will not only affect local businesses/shops,but also those attending Winchmore Hill Baptist Church, both for worship and for local services provided there,such as the pre-school play group and pensioners' activities.


  • Johnny


    13 December 2016 at 22:27 |
    I think the council should have put the bike lanes along Bush Hill thereby the bikes could leave at Masons Corner and rejoin on London Road on the junction near that castle house. That would relieve some of the traffic on Village Road and Ridge Avenue. I know the cyclists would complain that it would mean going up hill but they were the ones who said we should cycle to get fit weren't they.


  • David


    14 December 2016 at 11:08 |
    I'm one of the majority who responded to the council's A105 consultation in favour of making our neighbourhood more cycling friendly. I'm worried that I'll get the same reaction I saw at the local meeting I attended where the anti-cycling mob were aggressive and seemed to have no interest in any sort of considered debate. It was just used as an opportunity to shout abuse at people.

    In 40+ years of living in Enfield I've never known so many shops abandoned and boarded up in Church Street and London Road. Having loads of cars drive past didn't help them stay in business. At peak times traffic into Enfield on the A105 is backed up all the way to St Stephen's church, and that's before the works even started so the idea that all was wonderful on Enfield's car-choked streets and that we're facing the end of civilisation just because we might make it a little safer to cycle is delusional.

    We live in a world that seems driven by divisive narratives - people being pleasant and civilised isn't newsworthy, but conflict and being angry about stuff is. We're pushed into being either rabidly for Brexit, or rabidly against it. The same for cycling in Enfield. My biggest wish would be that people would be a bit more considerate to each other, and to try to understand others' concerns and life not simply being about who can shout the loudest.


  • David L

    David L

    15 December 2016 at 08:45 |
    I still think this Cycle Lane project along the A105 is a tremendous waste of taxpayers' money, at a time when less money than ever is going in to the public purse.

    For the most part of the day, away from the rush hour periods, the A105 is usually relatively quiet regarding vehicles, yet there are very few cyclists to be seen. The same applies at night.

    Where is the evidence that cycle lanes will produce more cyclists?

    What is very clear however, is that the cycle lanes will produce various negative effects. One of these will be that suppliers to businesses along the A105 will find it hard to park anywhere near their destination as side roads are already quite congested. Are we then to sacrifice local businesses for these non-existent cyclists?

    Another negative effect is that almost every time a bus stops, then so will any traffic behind the bus, since the road will have been narrowed because of the cycle lanes and it will be more dangerous for a vehicle to overtake a bus. This will doubtless cause more toxic fumes to be released along the A105, thus negating part of the purpose of the cycle lanes.

    Encourage cycling on roads other than the main road, most certainly, but do not waste money on this A105 cycle lane nonsense - it is a main artery to and from Enfield, for heaven's sake. If I cycle around Enfield, I choose the side roads to keep away from traffic and fumes and also avoid traffic lights. For example, to get to Forty Hall from Village Road, I would cycle as follows:

    Across the Town Park, along Gentleman's Row, pass by the side of the New River, past the Crown & Horseshoes, Parsonage Gardens, Nunn's Road, keep in the side roads parallel to Chase Side, past the Wonder pub, then up to Brigadier Hill etc.

    To get to the Surgery in 808 Green Lanes, I would go:

    Village Road, Park Avenue, Queen Annes Grove, Bury St West, Church St, Halstead Rd, Ford's Grove then a little way up on the wide relatively unused pavement to the surgery.

    You can largely keep away from the main roads quite easily - that's £42M saved for the taxpayer.

    Of course we should educate folk about getting more exercise, but we can do that in all sorts of ways. For example, we can use an element of humour - we could say something like:

    "Thank you for not exercising and dying young, thus saving the taxpayer money on your pension. Oh yes and please eat lots of processed, salty and fatty foods, which will achieve the same effect."

    We can get more cars off the roads by cutting the cost of public transport, not increasing it every year. We will probably get more people into electric cars eventually, but costs have to come down and the infrastructure has to be there - for example many folks live in flats where there are no charging points. Perhaps subsidise old flats to get electric car charging points? Money better spent than on cycle lanes in my view.


  • Rakesh


    17 December 2016 at 12:57 |
    Very disappointed with Enfield Council. They have really caused a gigantic mess and misery for all of us living in bush hill, winchmore hill & palmers green. So much problems now, dread to think what it will be like when the works are completed. May consider moving away from this stupid borough!


  • Andrew F

    Andrew F

    18 December 2016 at 21:31 |
    The Cycle Lane Scheme in my view is an ill-considered, unimaginative and wasteful scheme which Enfield Council is seeking to impose on the population following a flawed and probably dishonest consultation.

    Ill-considered because it is already and will continue to impose avoidable adverse impact not only on local businesses but also on people carrying out a wide range of business, educational , social and other activities in this locality. It is unimaginative because it has ignored alternative cycle routes which would avoid the terrible impact of the scheme and would be more pleasant, albeit possibly more arduous in part, than the proposed route.

    The scheme is grossly wasteful of scarce public funds because its objectives could be met in a much less expensive way. If funds are available, let them be allocated to services which are being cut such as school funding and social care.

    I am lucky enough to be able to walk from home to Enfield Town centre so the scheme will not affect my use of the shopping facilities. I am only a recently arrived resident but I have already come to be fond of Enfield Town which has its own identity. I very much fear for the future of the town once the scheme is fully implemented.

    I do not object if the authorities believe people should be 'nudged' out of frequent car use into more healthy and efficient ways of moving about. But the Cycle Scheme is not the way to achieve this goal.

    I did make some similar comments in the consultation. I have been prompted to comment again by the recent Save Our Enfield leaflet drop. However In addition to commenting on this forum, people need to get hold of their councillors and make them listen.


  • Iolanthe Rodman

    Iolanthe Rodman

    22 December 2016 at 14:13 |
    The only reason I can see for Enfield Council to consent to this ridiculous scheme is to make money out of the residents! I have lived in Enfield for 45+ years and have had to watch it slowly descend from a beautiful borough to an almost unpleasant area due to the appalling decisions made by various Enfield Counsellors! Why is so much money being spent on the handful of individuals who MIGHT use the lanes if not for their own greedy gains??? Why not make take a small section from the ridiculously large pavements we have along most of Green Lanes, which work perfectly well on Brighton Seafront, leaving plenty of parking and so customers for the Businesses which are 100% going to suffer! I just love the way a car park that was free is now pay and display (Fords Grove) the council couldn't even wait for the lanes to be finished before cashing in. What next more resident parking as shoppers etc are forced to park in side streets! Of course that means even more money for the council!!!! Enfield Council can't even ensure the street lights work properly or that rubbish is cleared from the streets but they want to squeeze even more money from us. These lanes are ill thought out, will lead to accidents as cars overtake busses and people trying to get on busses are hit by bicycles. Congestion and therefore, pollution will get worse. How Enfield can call itself the Top Borough I will never know, they are the biggest bunch of incompetents in public office and that is saying something!!! I don't believe for one moment the considered our opinions during that farcical questionnaire we were asked to complete.


  • Sue W

    Sue W

    23 December 2016 at 10:58 |
    "I have attempted to drive to Enfield Town from Grange Park several times this week for appointments and shopping, usually mid to late afternoon. Normally driving and parking takes about 10 minutes during the day but since the works to narrow the road and construct cycle lanes on Green Lanes has started, the weight of traffic already on London Road has increased. Twice it has taken me over 30 minutes to complete the 1.6 mile journey but on another occasion, I gave up, turned round and came home – and many others were doing the same. The increased amount of traffic on Bush Hill/Old Park Avenue/Old Park Ridings/Green Dragon Lane shows that drivers are now using 'back routes' to avoid Green Lanes – causing gridlock in the whole area. It appears that this isn't just going to be a by-product of the road works, as the resulting narrower roads and lack of bus lanes suggest that all journeys in the area are going to be affected in the long-term. Grange Park is in danger of becoming an 'island' as there is no route into Enfield – our local shopping and business area – that will not suffer and be congested. Narrowing one of the major roads of North London means that local and through-traffic will be queuing behind buses. I note that during all my queuing this week, I have only seen one cyclist using these roads! All this is before the planned works hit Village Road/London Road – these plans must be stopped – the whole scheme is madness!"


  • Tony C

    Tony C

    23 December 2016 at 17:49 |
    I think the cycle lane proposal is ill conceived and a waste of money. I suspect that once the scheme is finished the majority of residents will be opposed to the scheme and Enfield council will face much criticism. In addition business & shop along the route will suffer due to the lack of parking.
    We live in Sherbrook Gardens and are dreading the increase in cars in our street looking to park.
    I applaud the protest campaign!!!


  • Dennis Bruce

    Dennis Bruce

    29 December 2016 at 12:16 |
    Bus Boarders are an accident waiting to happen. Slowing traffic will worsen air quality. Making Cecil Road a single lane will be a nightmare. Cycling for fitness and pleasure should be encouraged, but thinking it is the way to shop and switching people from cars to cycles to go work is not going to happen in the 21st century. Mini-Holland is a dream. wake up Enfield Council and scrap it


  • Michael James

    Michael James

    03 January 2017 at 13:44 |
    I work close to the embankment and see for myself the problems that this cycle lane superhighway has caused. Outside of commuting hours it is mainly empty, whilst traffic is forced to queue because of the loss of lanes. Its a joke and I do not want to see this happen in my home area as well. I travel to work by train, use my car for shopping etc and have a bike rack, we take our bikes out of London, there is no way I would allow my children to ride on thes lanes, far too dangerous, who ever thought up this nonsense should be sacked


  • James Jones

    James Jones

    06 January 2017 at 15:35 |
    Well, I for one support the cycle lanes on Green Lanes. I live near Station Road, and tis junction will be made far safer for pedestrians as well as cyclists. The same goes for the Sainsbury's junction too. I'm also delighted that there will be a zebra crossing installed opposite the post office - a great thing for children and the elderly - and indeed anyone who ever walks in that area - which, let's be honest, is most people.

    There are many people who support these plans - most of them younger, active people with families, who can see the benefits for themselves and their children. Not everyone in Winchmore Hill is retired!


  • David


    06 January 2017 at 17:42 |
    Dear sadiq Khan
    All I can say is Enfield cycle lane plans are a disaster. I really think this whole project need re thinking. Pollution and traffic jams will increase dramatically and the dangers to pedestrians and disabled and mothers and children are just being ignored. The design is completely flawed


  • Sue


    06 January 2017 at 21:18 |
    Having seen what work has been done once the cones have been moved away, I was shocked to actually see the parking bays that have been created. They are placed on the road side of the cycle lane I.e. In the middle of the carriageway! How can this be safe? It can be difficult enough to get out of the car when parked on the kerbside on main roads, let alone on the road side and passengers now have to be aware of cyclists coming up on the inside of them to a) open the door safely and b) exit the vehicle. I also think the cars are not safe when left in these bays, particularly if anyone new to the area is driving as they may not realise that it's a parked car.

    I certainly wouldn't use these spaces and think it would be a nightmare for elderly people or people with small children to get out of the car and extremely dangerous - oh wait - they are the most likely people to be using cars and not a bike...


  • Wendy S

    Wendy S

    07 January 2017 at 14:03 |
    I have been in and around Enfield/Highlands/Green Lanes all afternoon – miserably day but many errands to run and shopping to do – but my 3 hours in daylight proved one thing in this awful cold, damp weather – I did not see ONE cyclist, albeit a lycra or a schoolkid or a normal adult. None!!

    Has anyone asked Sadiq the question which he should have asked the moment he came into power – why is all this money being spent on something that no-one wants or will use??? (Was it 5 or 6 boroughs at £30m a time plus the Tfl top-up in Enfield?) To carry on now would be a disgraceful waste of Public Money and he has a duty to ensure that any monies from the public purse are spent wisely. More reliable and frequent buses are what we need to get cars off the road – with routes that go where people want to go!! He must be held responsible for any decisions made since his election. How can we get that point over rather than asking him to kindly reconsider?


  • Vivienne Stockman

    Vivienne Stockman

    07 January 2017 at 15:34 |
    As residents in our house in N21 for the last 36 years my husband and I are infuriated by the prospect of the new half baked cycle lane along Green Lanes. We feel it will be the end of a way of life - no more local shops and businesses to patronise and to walk to. We do not want to be beholden to large supermarkets which we would have to drive to and carry shopping from. We like to live in an area which is made up of independent shops and small businesses. Is Green Lanes going to become a very long avenue of large blocks of flats as it is around the north circular N13 area? Shame on the people who decided on this project! I walk to the shops on Green Lanes regularly, almost daily and how many cyclists do I see? 1, 2 , 3 maximum! I though this borough had savings to make! Instead we are throwing money away! I would not allow any children of mine along this cycle lane! Too dangerous! What about weather conditions? Today's society does not brave the elements and go out in cold weather conditions! I love my post office, my charity shops, the dancing school, the bakers, the butchers, all these shops would disappear! How dare our council do this to us. Shocking.


  • Jim and Eve

    Jim and Eve

    09 January 2017 at 11:16 |
    We live in Elsiedene Road (off Green Lanes) and parking has always been a problem, however now that the cycle lane is being built, it has become hell. We return home with bags of shopping, or cases after being away and cannot park in our own road. Visitors have to park streets away. It's a fact that many of the Council officials live outside the borough - so they really don't care what happens to those of us who live here. What Enfield Council are doing with our money is obscene, dangerous and senseless. No one we know is in favour of the lane. What will happen when emergency services need to get through? We dread to think what will happen in the future. Please put a stop to it now.


  • Norma C

    Norma C

    10 January 2017 at 12:15 |
    There is not only a film that is Lala Land. As elderly and rather slow, we rely constantly on islands to cross the road. The world is going mad.


  • SDJ


    13 January 2017 at 18:54 |
    Since moving to the area 15 years ago, I have always supported the local business on Green Lanes, from flooring companies and stationers, to the Italian and Greek delis to clothes shops, hairdressers and florists. After sitting in a horrendous amount of traffic the other day, waiting to pick up an order from a local shop, I realised that the rich supply of local independent shops which had attracted us to move here, were now effectively inaccessible. Even when the works are completed, the lack of parking will no doubt be a deterrent, not to mention the fact that Green Lanes will become a road to avoid in future. These last few weeks I too am guilty of using the residential roads around Winchmore Hill to get around the area - my own road has also seen a massive increase in traffic and pollution. While I am supportive of all initiatives to increase fitness, it needs to be recognised that cycling is simply not practical for many - not the old nor the very young, and certainly not for those people who want to go shopping or visiting the shops along Green Lanes. We live in a changeable climate which likewise does not favour a trip by bike. I am hoping that common sense and the principles of democracy will eventually prevail, while waiting, we are seriously considering whether our future lies in a borough that treats the views of its residents with such disdain.


  • Una M

    Una M

    18 January 2017 at 09:35 |
    Has everyone had enough!!Not only do we have to put up with never ending traffic chaos but endless bollards traffic signs and delays! The final straw today was coming home and finding Enfield Council has screwed down in front of my dropped Kerb a bloody bumper all the way down Ridge Avenue so my car will have endless damage hitting these buffers.I have never seen in my entire life these sort of buffers on a cycle lane.What the hell is going on?????


  • Gerald H

    Gerald H

    18 January 2017 at 09:38 |
    A ten minute ride from Winchmore Hill to Enfield by bus now takes half an hour and no matter how slowly the driver goes over the ramp at the corner of Green Dragon Lane, you are thrown out of your seat. The only solution is to pollute more and take the car by some devious route to Enfield or, better still, if you're getting the car out, go somehere else. At this rate, Enfield town will be a ghost town as well, inevitably, every shopping parade along Green Lanes. Yes, I'm fed up too and appalled that this more-or-less what we are going to experience on an every day basis from now on. I bet there won't be any money, equipment or road workers to repair potholes and level pavements after the winter, as usual, but we can 'afford' this!


  • N21 Cyclist

    N21 Cyclist

    18 January 2017 at 13:04 |
    i am a cyclist.
    i cycled from N21 to central london every day for a good many years.
    i never once thought this cycle lane scheme was either needed, or a good idea, and now construction is in full swing the disruption it is causing is a total nightmare.
    its the local business i feel most sorry for, but also those residents with property directly on the route - where on earth are these people supposed to park? not to mention that traffic flow through normally quiet back streets is increasing as people try to avoid the works.
    however - from a seat on the 329 last week i saw what has to be the most utterly ridiculous planning, or lack of, i have ever seen - the way the bus stops are extended out over the cycle lane! if anyone ever actually uses these cycle lanes, this stupid design is an accident waiting to happen.
    hindsight is a wonderful thing - but how i wish i had voiced as such when it could have made a difference.


  • Diane


    20 January 2017 at 12:21 |
    OMG! last night I say a car parked in the middle of the road! You may ask why? Because the cycle lane was to its left! This will cause so many accidents. Traffic is murder, and will get worse because cars and cycles cannot now get around the busses when they stop. My daughter is late getting to school because the bus is delayed. This is maddness that must STOP!!!


  • Martin


    20 January 2017 at 16:20 |
    The cycle lanes are looking terrific. It all looks so modern and suitable for a new age where we have acknowledged the deaths that result from using so much petrol. Well done Enfield Council. I have no doubt that people will continue to move here from other Boroughs because you are creating a Borough fit for everybody.


  • Green lanes resident

    Green lanes resident

    20 January 2017 at 17:52 |
    Una, can I make some suggestions of who you and all your neighbours should contact and advise them that you will hold them responsible and seek compensation for any damage caused to your vehicle by these 'armadillos'. Email the following people

    Enfield's chief executive Rob Leak at :
    Head of traffic David Taylor at:

    Contact Jacobs liaison officer, Rilwan Oshingbade, at

    Additionally, go to your councillors' surgeries. These are held in libraries and your local library will have the details of dates and times.

    Let's make it clear to those prepared to ruin our neighbourhood and environment that we are not going take this lying down.


  • Tanya L

    Tanya L

    20 January 2017 at 18:26 |
    I tried to go to Sainsbury's in Winchmore Hill today at around 12 and was hoping to call in to a couple of local shops. After trying various back routes and being unable to get there without sitting in queues and queues of traffic and having to turn back on myself as I couldn't turn right onto Green Lanes,ieventually had to give up and go home,having wasted 40 minutes. It is normally a 5 minute journey. It is a nightmare. I was one of the people who signed the petition against this scheme and also attended a council meeting at the Civic Centre. What a farce that was !!!


  • Helen M

    Helen M

    21 January 2017 at 09:28 |
    Probably leaving myself a bit open to ridicule and abuse but I feel compelled to give a hearty "congratulations" to Enfield Council, TFL and the cycling lobby who clearly think that they know better than the majority of residents in the enfield area who are now blighted by the construction of the £30000000 cycle lanes. The intersection at the Bush Hill Park library was completely gridlocked this morning. Journey from Palmers Green to the A10 took over an hour at which point I gave up and returned home.
    By the way buses were as badly affected as "wicked, inconsiderate, selfish car owners" and a there wasn't a cyclist in sight!
    How much social care would £30000000 buy in Enfield to ease the backed up hospital crisis? Quite a lot I wager.


  • Steve R

    Steve R

    21 January 2017 at 09:32 |
    Large numbers of people rant about the real and ongoing difficulties that will be caused by the A105 proposals while one or two cycle lane apologists insist that we are either a) all mistaken or b) need to make sacrifices for the greater good. Never mind the inevitable traffic jams that will be caused, spare a thought for all those shops on Winchmore Hill Broadway and other places who will no longer benefit from customers parking nearby and who won't be able to receive deliveries.


  • Neil B

    Neil B

    21 January 2017 at 09:43 |
    I noticed this week more cyclists on the back roads in this area than on Green Lanes. Hardly surprising!

    Came down Station Road this evening and it was chaos. There were drivers making U-turns just up the main road because they could not go across to Ford’s Grove then there were people signalling right when they could not turn.

    I turned left because I was going to the Tesco garage and people were using the forecourt to turn round… I also saw somebody drive into the garage from the wrong end which was odd.

    Also why no sign at the bottom of Ford’s Grove at the other end saying no through route to Station Road? It a main reason for using the road. All very badly organised.

    And noticed a set of temporary lights at Compton Road but nothing corresponding the other side. Finally where are pedestrians supposed to cross at the old roundabout?


  • David C.

    David C.

    21 January 2017 at 12:02 |
    Traffic along Old Park Avenue has increased dramatically as drivers desperately seek alternatives to Green Lanes. Huge queues, especially at peak hours, at the Windmill Hill traffic lights, sometimes stretching back to Old Park Grove or beyond. So this brilliant scheme has simply diverted and intensified pollution to a residential area - as could easily have been predicted if anyone with an iota of intelligence had been involved in assessing it.


  • Nigel


    21 January 2017 at 12:15 |
    Traffic Log Jam as predicted - Stop this madness now !


  • Ted Lawrence

    Ted Lawrence

    21 January 2017 at 13:09 |
    As a driver l regularly commute into central London, having experienced the chaos of cycle lanes in London, I feel it's right to comment on the cycle lanes being implemented from Enfield town through to palmers green & eventually beyond, I use the A105 on a regular basis & have resorted to using congested back roads to get to green dragon lane, it's a joke!! And the parking bays on Ridge Avenue ridiculous, I parked in one, nearly got wiped out getting out my cab, l use a barbers shop on masons corner regularly, "well I did" but not anymore, so I'm one customer that won't be using any of the shops there & I won't be the last all because the council are hell bent on getting everyone on let's see what hair brained scheme Enfield council comes up with when the whole area becomes congested,I've got friends that cycle & they think cycle lanes are a bad idea.


  • bernie b

    bernie b

    21 January 2017 at 15:20 |
    Its fantastic -my predictions have all come true ! now they have dug up the roundabout at the bottom of Station rd n21 mad ,frustrated drivers are using Radcliffe Rd as a race track to avoid green lanes jams.


  • LynneC


    21 January 2017 at 23:40 |
    I am absolutely furious about this I'll considered scheme. My husband and his 93 year old mother who are both partially sighted regularly us buses W8 and 329 in Green Lanes. It is now so dangerous that they are going to have to stop going out and therefore lose their independence. There is a Day centre in PArk Avenue where people with various disabilities attend and if they use buses it will be so dangerous for them. Buses will be having to stop outside the cycle lane instead of at the kerb. They then have to step into the cycle lane where it is their responsibility to see the cyclists. It is elderly and disabled people who rely on public transport the most, putting the needs of a few cyclists first is ridiculous.


  • Fiona R

    Fiona R

    22 January 2017 at 10:44 |
    I dread driving down Green Lanes now as the chaos it is causing and sadly now having to use the quieter roads just to try and get to my destination on time. What is happening to our community. We are going to lose all our shops on the Broadway and a disaster if you get behind a bus! What cyclist wants to cycle with all that car pollution!!


  • Ruth


    22 January 2017 at 15:40 |
    I live in Blakesware Gardens, N9 and I must first state that I am very pro cycling generally - but this is not the right place or environment for this particular Council plan.
    Residents here were already suffering from traffic and parking problems (which were then exacerbated by the addition of a 450 pupil primary school being added to the already large Edmonton (Secondary) School - to which the majority of residents in the surrounding area objected. The Council did not listen then either.)
    Since the cycle lane construction we are now living in an even more dangerous rat run where motorists take no notice whatsoever of speed
    restrictions and nobody comes to insist that they do. Crossing the road as a pedestrian is dreadful as not only do motorists speed but they also swerve to avoid going directly over the speed humps. Several residents have had near misses. There is also a huge increase in the amount of traffic and the level of air and noise pollution.
    Frequently as I drive out of Blakesware Gardens and turn left into Church Street I am faced with impatient motorists who have pulled over INTO THE LANE FOR ONCOMING TRAFFIC in order to shortcut down Blakesware Gardens. Yesterday I faced a volley of abuse from someone on my side of the road as she had to stop abruptly in order to avoid driving into me. It isn't a one off incident -drivers are doing it all the time.
    I frequently can't turn right into Church street because frustrated motorists are unwilling to let me in as they have been held up at the traffic lights for so long.
    I cannot imagine how the small businesses will survive which is such a depressing thought as they at least make the area feel like a 'community'.
    I have deep concerns for disabled people as many I have spoken to have told me of genuine problems that will arise for them.


  • Maria Martin

    Maria Martin

    23 January 2017 at 17:16 |
    One of the worst decisions from Enfield Council. There are not enough cyclists on Enfield roads to warrant such a decision. Traffic is worse than ever. It is affecting local businesses when they are already struggling. And it's dangerous


  • Bernadette Collins

    Bernadette Collins

    23 January 2017 at 19:20 |
    I live in BushHill park near Bury street. Frequently I drive to Winchmores Hill to visit my elderly frail mother. The journey can no longer be timed as 10-15 minutes as it can take double that or more. I have lived in various areas around this part of green lanes for 50 years and cannot believe the wanton destruction of our local environment. There will be pedestrian deaths as a result, of that I'm sure. It presents as a criminal act of destruction. I mmthought carefully before I wrote that last sentence.
    It may be that no one indvidual meant to carry out such a poor decision. To be kind, I will say that it provides a classic example of Group Think when ' a group makes faulty decisions because group pressures lead to a deterioration of mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgement' (Janis 1972. - social psychologist.
    We need outside agencies to intervene and save us all from this sceheme NOW


  • Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins

    24 January 2017 at 13:18 |
    I am sick to death of the mismanagement of this cycle lane scheme which nobody wants. This shower couldn't organise a ------- in a brewery, Where are our local councillors? What are they doing to sort out this crazy mess? The pollution levels on Green Lanes must be off the scale. Stop this nonsense Enfield Council.


  • Robert J

    Robert J

    24 January 2017 at 14:07 |
    I am truly astounded at how IQ`s dropped and vanity and ignorance soared after the barely functioning intellects of Enfield Council received government money for this insane cycle lane project.
    So tens of millions of pounds were handed to these idiots, and with their collective brain power, their plan was the following:
    Lets find the busiest thoroughfares – those with the most retail shops and therefore the most traffic. You know, the ones that are always red on Google Maps. (Green Lanes, The Hertford Road, Southbury Road, Church Street). And remove two metres of road width.
    Lets also remove most of the off street parking so that no-one without a piece of courtesy parking can accept deliveries, visitors, home help or customers.
    Lets ensure that when any municipal vehicle or bus stops, it will halt the flow of traffic until it moves again – can`t wait to see rush hour.
    Oh, and here is a good one! Lets put random parking in the middle of the road. But make the plans show a narrower vehicle occupying the space so that it looks like they just have enough room to open their doors without encroaching on the road or a cycle lane – the idiots will never notice
    What about Fire Engines, what about Ambulances, what about a Funeral Courtege, what about Home Help, what about the customers that keep my business alive.
    Great questions, we hear you concerns but....... tough.
    We are going ahead anyway because we`ve already signed contracts even before the final consultation and your pathetic objections.
    And you know what. We`ll guild this brown mess of a plan with soundbites like:
    “Traffic calming” - (more congestion)
    “ Anti pollution” - (stop start pollution)
    “It will improve your business” - (loss of footfall)
    “Good for cyclists” (the less than ten a day I see daily peddling past my suffering business)
    “Mini Holland” - (Hubris)
    And this is just a fraction of the insane nightmare that I`m trying to wake up from.




    24 January 2017 at 18:26 |
    Maybe its time to change our local 'councillors' ?? Who should have fought this battle on behalf of the residents of Enfield?


  • Mrs H Kemal

    Mrs H Kemal

    24 January 2017 at 19:59 |
    The cycle lanes have been a nightmare. I live just off Winchmore Hill Broadway, you cannot go across to Station Road, the round about is gone, cannot bear right into Fords Grove. I don't think the council really thought about the impact this would have to the residents. To try and go to Enfield Town is just a nightmare, every where is a gridlock.
    The NHS is in shambels and they are spending millions on this stupid cycle lane, I just wonder what back handers there was for this to be approved, after so many people were against this.


  • Helen E

    Helen E

    25 January 2017 at 08:38 |
    This scheme is absolute madness and will cause mayhem for the majority of local residents. It is completely unacceptable to spend this amount of money when our health services, schools and social care budgets are being slashed. The needs of the local community must take priority.


  • Richard


    25 January 2017 at 08:55 |
    Daniel Anderson.
    The FACT that hardly anyone in Enfield either wanted or needed this butchering of our lovely borough.
    The FACT that even pedestrians outnumber the cyclists along your route of destruction.
    The FACT that you have ignored all the concerns of the poor residents and suffering traders proves to me this.
    You are a greedy, self serving little politician whose dirty little project ruined Enfield.


  • Mike Common

    Mike Common

    25 January 2017 at 14:33 |
    Over 80% of the local community objected to cycle lanes yet the Council persist in progressing with the implementation of their ill conceived Cycle Lane scheme. The Council representatives responsible for this decision should be immediately sacked and replaced with members of our society who really understand the community requirements and needs. What a waste of £40m I would much rather such funds be used to help the elderly members of Enfield. Wake up Enfield Council. What you are doing is totally unnecessary and severely detrimental to everyone living in the Borough. Just look at what is happening today with the traffic flow in Ridge Avenue, the A105 and Green Lanes. What a shambles. Traffic queues for hundreds of yards in all directions. And this is just the start of the fiasco. I reckon if the Council completes the scheme the cycle lanes will be ripped up within 5 years and we will all say 'we told you so'. Stop this madness NOW Enfield and for gods sake listen to what we the residents are saying.!


  • Richard Kelly

    Richard Kelly

    26 January 2017 at 09:11 |
    Raised concrete kerbs on the bend of Masons Corner are unpainted and unlit. This will be a major hazard to vehicles at night. When will someone take out an injunction against Enfield Council and the progress of this unwanted destruction.


  • BKO


    27 January 2017 at 14:48 |
    I had my 1st experience having to wait behind a bus this week. There was only one slightly slow passenger getting off, but it was a amazing how much traffic soon built up behind. What happens when there is a whole crowd needing to get on and off.

    In the morning between Winchmore & N. Circular I never see more than 3 cyclists. How can anyone in these difficult times justify spending millions of pounds on such a project.

    NHS underfunded, Schools underfunded, We cannot look after our elderly - not enough funds. We have nearly 100,000 children in this country living in sub standard conditions.

    Shame on you Sadiq & Enfield Council.
    See you all at the next elections


  • linda


    27 January 2017 at 19:20 |
    A dark cloud looms over Green Lanes, caused by the issues of this cycle lane.

    We are told its construction will make us healthier, but certainly not mentally, due to all the stresses caused by it.

    From Sainsbury to Ridge Avenue Library, places for pedestrians to cross the road have been severely reduced, constant traffic queues are causing poor air conditions, bus journeys are taking about three times as long, vehicles are using usually quiet side roads to avoid congestion, the alterations to the junction at Station Road come as a surprise resulting in U turns or further use of side roads.

    We were advised by Enfield Council that this scheme would 'transform the way we move around the Borough". It certainly has but not in a positive or healthy way.

    Recently, I have noticed the ominous paint marks on the pavement at the end of my road, signifying that this part of Green Lanes will soon be further included in the chaos.

    The quality of our lives most definitely will not be enhanced by this badly planned cycle lane. I am quite saddened that Enfield Council have not and will not listen to the concerns of Enfield residents and businesses.


  • Richard


    28 January 2017 at 13:10 |
    Can I ask everyone along Ridge Avenue & Green Lanes and the surrounding roads. All the traders on the A105 cycle route and anyone who feels like they have been ignored and lied to about this project - to come to LORDS Diy to sign a petition to force Enfield Council to stop this project and remove Daniel Anderson


  • Hakan


    29 January 2017 at 14:19 |
    These cycle lanes are ruining our once lovely borough. I see no reason whatsoever for these changes to be made.
    The works being carried out are making our daily lives a nightmare and seem to be going on forever.
    I pay an awful lot of money to have the privilege of driving on these roads and at times my car never sees second gear not to mention the fact that I have only ever seen one cyclist on the road who didn't even use the cycle lane that has been created (Ridge Avenue). Although I would like to ride a bike to work I feel it would be unsafe to put my 3 children on this bike, take them to school and then ride 25 miles to my place of work, so it's just not practical. I work 5 days a week and value my time at home which is now even fewer and far between as I navigate the labyrinth of all other roots to no avail due to these ridiculous road works.
    It is also a death sentence for our businesses that depend on our local people so these road works ruin their immediate and long term future.
    Whoever signed off on these changes is totally disconnected from the local community and either has no understanding or does not care about the impact these road works are having on us all....BRAVO....will anything be done to stop this, I highly doubt it!
    They are in a position of power to serve and look after our interests not to use that power to serve their own ignorance of the situation. They are entrusted to look after us and should begin to work and behave in a way that would reflect this.
    A very disappointed Enfield resident.


  • Geoffrey G

    Geoffrey G

    31 January 2017 at 10:05 |
    I've wondered about the work near Sainsburys, you can't cross the road as the crossing by the bus stop is shut off. No consideration for pedestrians in the work being carried out. I agree with Rosetta, insane to have parking outside the cycle lane, but nothing must impede the hordes of cyclists expected to use these lanes. Oh hang on there's a pig flying by my window.


  • Mags Rodway Wallace

    Mags Rodway Wallace

    31 January 2017 at 11:57 |
    Mags Rodway Wallace
    January 31 at 10:49am

    It's slowly killing our businesses..we are very concerned, Even as the works move on a little we ( Barberellas barbers )have suffered a massive loss in earnings as elsewhere the road works and temp traffic lights are stopping people from wanting to come anywhere near ridge avenue..should never of happened , it was perfectly fine as it was


  • Julie McGrath

    Julie McGrath

    31 January 2017 at 19:50 |
    Seldom in the field of human endeavour has so much been spent by so many on so few.


  • David Or

    David Or

    01 February 2017 at 15:23 |
    I discovered yesterday that the buses, Enfield/Turnpike Lane, are now stopping at Wood Green, so providing another thorn in the side due to Cycle Enfield. There seems no limit to the inconvenience that this madcap and wastefull scheme is causing to the public, especially to the elderly.

    I have noticed that with the slow, start and go, and waiting traffic on Green Lanes, pollution from fumes and brakes, is aready more noticeable, which is detrimental to both residents, business users, and those passing through the area. And this will not improve.


  • Maria


    02 February 2017 at 22:47 |
    Ironically in a half hearted bid to improve the air and stop traffic pollution building cycle lanes five people will use the council are cutting down trees - that improve our air quality and physical environment - along green lanes to be replaced with ugly concrete slabs and the current gridlocked traffic that will only get worse. The greatest council fiasco in the history of Enfield...


  • Richard


    03 February 2017 at 09:17 |
    The more I look at the floating bus stops on Ridge Avenue, the more I wonder how a design like this could have been signed off safely.
    It seems that the passenger waiting and alighting area is the paved section directly in the cycle path.
    Or is that paved area for cyclists only?
    Or is this some bizarre cyclist/pedestrian shared area?
    Or are passengers expected to wait on the pavement, move en masse and then perch on the narrow strip roadside to hail a bus to stop?
    This layout is dangerous and ambiguous and will create cycle/pedestrian conflicts.
    I cannot find a single example of any council prepared to use this insane layout, except of course during off-street trials where it became clear that islands should be large enough for customers to wait and leave safely.
    Of course not all councils seem prepared to compromise public safety and ignore safety audits.
    Why is Enfield Council allowing this pantomime of incompetence to continue?


  • Viviane Potter

    Viviane Potter

    03 February 2017 at 16:46 |


  • cristina


    03 February 2017 at 18:18 |
    The Council has entrusted to people absolutely incompetent, how is possible to build a cycle lane in these conditions? People are forced to walk between the cars and the works, with the risk of falling. You can not even cross the street because it's all with barriers. This is the worst way to carry out the work.


  • Maria


    04 February 2017 at 11:03 |
    Have a look at the cycle lanes web site - political corruption. The junction at Fords Grove and Station road looks nothing like the original visual plans posted on line. No prove net to public spaces has occurred - three trees so far have been ripped out and both flower bed areas on either side of station road - how is this improving the look of public spaces as stated ? And the plans have now mysteriously disappeared - allegedly the site is being ' updated' Did anyone keep copies of the plans?


  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    06 February 2017 at 14:56 |
    Not only are the shops suffering but so are all of those people wanting to use the 329 and W8 bus routes. At present the bus stop outside St Stephens church and the stop prior to this are closed. There is no information when they will reopen again or where the next open stop is. There has been no advanced warnings on the bus stop closures.


  • Green lanes resident

    Green lanes resident

    06 February 2017 at 20:48 |
    I can understand the frustration felt by bus drivers with the shortened 329 route taking so much longer to complete in the face of Enfield Council imposed chose. In the past week or so, the traffic lights at the Bush Hill parade / Church Street junction are causing untold problems for passengers going south and east from the Bush Hill parade bus stop. Last Tuesday I followed a 329 bus and timed my journey from St Stephens church to the traffic lights --9 minutes. The bus stopped in advance of the Bush Hill parade stop to let passengers off but as the lights were green decided to make a run for it ignoring the bus stop. He wasn't quick enough, but he did let some school children board when they tapped on the doors. Often buses ( on different routes) are separated by cars seem loathe to stop and sail past the bus stop if there is a green light. Unless you take your life in your hands and stand in the road to flag it down.
    Additionally, the bus stop opposite Sainsburys has been closed for a while, but drivers are not using the announcement system to let passengers know.
    This recklessness is not confined to bus drivers. I was the first car in the queue going north at Bush Hill Road, a driver wanting to turn left into Berkeley Gardens shot up on my nearside cut in front of me and turned left.
    I suppose we had better get used to this -- it's the future of the A105

    Roll-on the 3rd of May 2018 when we will vote out any councillor who supported this harebrained scheme


  • Helen Rost

    Helen Rost

    07 February 2017 at 10:22 |
    I just arrived home in Enfield Town after attempting to meet my partner for a coffee in Palmers Green. I went from Chase Side, Enfield at 9am towards Palmers Green. At 9.30 I was only as far as Sainsbury's at Winchmore Hill. Gave up and did a U turn there. Arrived home in Enfield Town at 10am. 1 hour round trip for nothing!! And the whole time I was sat in traffic did I see even one cyclist? NO!!!!
    Something has to be done about this


  • Alan Cole

    Alan Cole

    07 February 2017 at 14:02 |
    I know that this is the pantomime period, but the greatest circus must be Hans Daniel Anderson's saga of the Enormous White Elephant. Those that wish the Cycle Lanes to go ahead are by far the minority and that includes the majority of cyclists for whom the clowns of a council are bending over backwards so far that it is breaking the backs of their finances that they claim they do not have. Even the road-works in preparation for the lanes are causing minor incidents, confusion and excess pollution - a small dress-rehearsal for the disastrous drama to come. The whole script was based on totally overstated statistics of the number of cyclists using the route (1% instead of a factual 0.15% on average) and when published was immediately booed off the stage by the majority of the audience. However, the author and villain of the piece has ignored the democratic majority in his desire to leave a legacy and has ended up with a mixture of a Whitehall Farce and an Agatha Christie murder; the victims being all road users and the environment.


  • K & J McVicar

    K & J McVicar

    07 February 2017 at 16:50 |
    The people planning this monstrosity have no regard for the people who are paying for it. The Enfield Rate Payers. The council are keeping very quiet about the amount the residents will have to pay. To deny residents along the route the ability to receive goods and services is extremely selfish and badly thought out. Enfield is not a university town with hordes of students on bikes. A large percentage of the Enfield population are either elderly or mums with children, they are not going to suddenly take to 2 wheels to do their shopping. If the council go ahead with the Cecil Road two way cycle lane unless the pavements along the whole road are protected by railings with light controlled crossing places there will be fatal accidents. Pedestrians are used to looking to the east before crossing, now there will be cyclists bearing down on them from the west.


  • Patricia Andrews

    Patricia Andrews

    07 February 2017 at 17:04 |
    I strongly object to the Mini Holland scheme and believe that the only section of the public to benefit at all would be cyclists. This is most unfair and another scheme should be considered whereby the chaos will be avoided should the current scheme continue


  • Richard


    08 February 2017 at 09:40 |
    My business on Bush Hill Parade is now consistently suffering 30 - 40 % drops in trade. No traffic Modeling or Economic Impact Study predicted this.
    Ringway Jacobs has paralyzed the Parade with their un-monitored works.
    Rilwan Oshingbade (Ringway Jacobs public Liaison Officer) has managed to avoid appointments to see me to discuss this disaster.
    We`ve been lied to and treated like mugs by Enfield Council and Cycle Enfield.
    When will Daniel Anderson fall on his sword?
    And when will Doug Taylor recognize that all the Audits were flawed and call in this scam?


  • Richard


    08 February 2017 at 10:08 |
    P.S. Thanks to everyone who is making a special journey to my shop, LORDS Diy, just to sign the petition to remove Daniel Anderson and call in this project.
    I cannot believe the strength of feeling against this Councillor and the damage he`s causing.
    Keep up the signing, we`re here seven days a week.


  • Richard Turner

    Richard Turner

    10 February 2017 at 10:17 |
    I am in the unenviable position of trying to run a business - Lords DIY, in the fallout of this cycle lane project which is destroying trade in this area. To this date my February sales are 29% down on last year. Hardly surprising when mine and most of the other businesses on the A105 route rely heavily on passing trade, quick and easy parking and easy footfall flow. All of these factors have been compromised during this project. Indeed, many businesses along Masons Corner to Compton Road have experienced losses in excess of 40%.
    And when I drive from from Palmers Green High Street towards my shop, or northbound on the Hertford Road, I see thoroughfares busier and more pedestrian rich than our short stretch of Green Lanes. They have a constant flow of trade; footfall flow, short term parking and a busy bus route -
    I cannot see any way that their loss will be greater than ours.
    Every day I see and hear the concern and anger of the other businesses on Bush Hill Parade, Avenue Parade and many of the local residents as we are all suffering because of the total lack of mitigation; pre-construction and during the construction works.
    Many of the people signing my petition have attributed comments to Daniel Anderson, that he doesn`t care about our businesses. And that he also seems to think that we should follow his example and shop for everything online. My customers who attended those meetings were shocked by his destructive and patronizing comments.
    However the strength of feeling goes much deeper than our immediate plight.
    What has always been clear to me personally and from comments made by my customers for over a year now; is the total disbelief that this project was pushed through by Enfield Council.
    In the last year my shop made over 30,000 sales and served many thousands of customers. And in that period I have only spoken to three people who agreed with this project. This is the real truth of the statistics. This is the truth that Enfield Council choose to ignore.

    But what I am witnessing now is a shift in public opinion from incredulity to outrage and total venom directed towards Enfield Council and the way local democracy has been disregarded.

    How much more evidence is needed before councilors open their eyes to the flawed economic statistics, the dismissal of safety audits and the intransigence of a Council that is not only prepared to ignore the democratic process, but is prepared to sacrifice local businesses.

    This project needs to be called in; but I fear a Group Think scenario has evolved and only media exposure and a public inquiry will make Enfield Council listen.


  • wendy


    11 February 2017 at 16:17 |
    this cycle lane is the most stupid thing ever done!!!! i live on ridge ave on what was already a busy road but by aporox 8pm it was quiet. NOW i have traffic 24/7 outside my door as i live near to the traffic lights. its absolutely horrendous now with constant noise ,pollution and total loss of privacy as i get cars vans and the worst buses stationery outside my house which means as soon as twilight comes i have to draw the curtains as people automatically look towards the houses
    im a prisoner in my own home and itd disgusting. i feel im being watched all the time. to add to this it now takes me longer to pull out of my driveway as drivers are sooooo fed up they are now less likely to let u out. no doubt my house value has dropped as who wants to buy a house with a cycle lane and queing traffic outside!!!!!!! DISGUSTING.!!!!! i suggest enfield council hire a big kango and start breaking it up. they can even use my electricity gladly.IDIOTS.


  • Elias


    12 February 2017 at 13:17 |
    I don't recall being consulted on this cycle lane. It is highly disruptive, looks like quite expensive with not much benefit (I don't personally see droves of people cycling between Winchmore Hill and Enfield) and in addition dangerous and will contribute to pollution.
    That road (A105) is the main road to Enfield from Winchmore hill and it is a busy road as things used to be. Making narrow will cause more congestion and thus pollution. In addition I find it a stupid and dangerous idea to have cars parked in the middle of the road especially near turns - I am sure we will hear of lots of accidents in the future.
    I also hear that businesses have to close and access for ambulances is also restricted.


  • Chris


    12 February 2017 at 22:10 |
    I've travelled along green lanes, from Enfield to Palmers Green for about 26 years and I rarely see a cyclist (maybe once in 50 journeys). So I'm astounded by the amount of disruption and congestion being caused to thousands of residents. Do we live in a democracy ?


  • Suzanne De Jarne

    Suzanne De Jarne

    14 February 2017 at 11:46 |
    Councillor Anderson, as noble as it is to say that you are working in our interest, you fail to appreciate that your mandate is to actually represent the will of the people you serve. The opposition to these cycle scheme has been overwhelming since the idea was first mooted and the bottom line is that you have ridden rough shod over the opinions of people who live and work here. To add insult to injury, public funds (yes, my money included) is now being spent on ancillary work to support a scheme which I, and the over whelming majority of local council tax payers, categorically reject in its current form.
    Over the last 16 years, as a resident in Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill and now Grange Park, I have come to rely on the fantastic array of shops in our local area and particularly those along Green Lanes. From the pharmacist who manages my husband's drugs (he is a transplant patient), to the Car Spares shop who recently helped me when my car needed topping up with engine coolant, to the flooring specialists who helped me not only fitting our floors in 2 of our last houses but who also assisted me in taking a building company to tribunal after a shoddy floor was laid. This list does not even include my hairdressers, the nail shop, and the stationers and the Italian Deli that I use (and now can only try to use) on a weekly basis. All of these people are suffering now as a result of a massive loss in passing trade. I visited my local DIY shop today in Bush Hill, although it would have been easier to go to B&Q - the owner, Richard, is always on hand to give expert advice. It took me ages to get anywhere near the shop due to the traffic, and then there was the parking which had all but disappeared. It would have been easier and quicker to get to B&Q - something which I am sure that many other customers would have done and many more will do in the future.
    These businesses are what make the area a real community, and your actions are hurting them to such an extent that many will be forced to close. You do this because you say that we need to use our cars less. I agree, we probably do need to use our cars less - and you will find that every weekend, I leave the car at home and take the dog for a long walk around Winchmore Hill and visit the farmers market or have lunch at the Deli on the Green, all on foot. I do this as a sensible adult mindful of both my own health and that of the environment. I don't need government or local council to influence my activities.

    You say that people need to think about using alternative forms of transport. Yes, but I can't go shopping on my bike, I can't visit the hairdressers by bike and bringing back tins of paint or other supplies from the DIY shop may also be a bit tricky. I can't really get to work by bike, not least as in a public role I am required to be presentable (and fragrant). That being said, I am not against cycling - I go with my children to Trent Park or Grovelands Park or Epping Forest when I want to cycle. Cycling and walking are part of my life, as hobbies.

    What is even more depressing is that the effects of the cycle scheme will continue to be apparent long after the works are complete. The current plans punish car drivers and the amount of parking spaces available will simply make a quick stop-off at the shops less of an attractive or even possible proposition. That's assuming that people still bother to travel along Green Lanes at all.
    The simple fact is that people will probably not use their cars less, they will just alter their routes - as they are doing now. I too am now guilty of using all the little residential streets in Winchmore Hill to avoid the carnage of Green Lanes. I would like to say that people will go back to using the main roads when the works are complete - but they probably won't. With busses now given a mandate to hold up the traffic all the way from Palmers Green to Enfield whenever they stop - with limited or no possibility to overtake -it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Green Lanes is going to become one very long traffic jam. People will continue to use their cars, but they will use them residential roads which are simply not fit for the traffic that they are now experiencing. My own road has seen a significant increase in traffic - being on a hill this has resulted in a massive increase in pollution. Cars now idle outside my door and the smell of fumes is palpable. When there is not a traffic jam, it is clear that frustrated drivers who have veered off the main roads, try to make up time by tearing along my road instead.

    You ask if cyclists should get safe space on roads and go on to say that if the answer is yes then the rest of the space gets squeezed. A cycling scheme could have been great - and it could have had support if it had been sited in more appropriate roads - roads which are quieter and more conducive to cycling. Roads which could afford to have space squeezed without displacing traffic onto inappropriate, residential roads. I might have used the lanes if they covered quieter areas that I am more likely to want to explore on two wheels. But no, you've decided to put them on main roads to cause the most displacement possible.
    I am sure that these objections are not news to you. Your inbox is no doubt already full of emails from people saying the same things, albeit perhaps more eloquently. I am equally sure that you will continue to ignore them. I ask you simply to stop pushing this scheme forward and punishing residents. Cycling, while a wonderful activity is great in a country such as Holland which is known for being flat. Winchmore Hill (the clue is in the name here) is not quite so well suited to cycling.

    Have a care Councillor and perhaps be humble enough to reflect on the fact that if enough people object to something, your job is to respond to these concerns – with actions, not patronising articles in the local press telling us that you know what is best for us. I shall certainly be reflecting on your actions come the time of the next elections


  • Sophie


    18 February 2017 at 23:18 |
    I have not spoken to a single local resident who is in favour of this ridiculous cycle lane. The level of disruption is horrendous. As a Mum of a young baby, I am out and about most days meeting friends and every single one avoids Green Lanes now and therefore the cafes and shops that used to have our business will now miss out all because of this chaos! I have spoken to cyclists who say that the new cycle lane will be even more dangerous because cars won't necessarily remember to look before turning left, therefore they don't see how it will make cycling any safer for them. Such a shame to make a busy road even busier, and such a shame to spend money on this when it could go elsewhere.


  • Gunter


    19 February 2017 at 18:02 |
    I think the cycle lane development that Enfield council is inflicting on residents is a disgrace. I cannot see the point of trying to make life easier and safer for cyclists when by doing so you simply make life for other road users a misery. Not only have these roadworks dragged on for an eternity what they are leaving behind is chaos. Not only are there long traffic queues already behind buses but it is much harder for emergency vehicles to get by. In addition some of the road layouts left are positively dangerous with parking bays just beyond bends which stick out into the obvious path for cars as they around the bend. As resident of Winchmore Hill for 20 years I am appalled and will probably leave the area as it is now so difficult for me to go anywhere - even if o want to cycle.


  • Sharon Frazer

    Sharon Frazer

    20 February 2017 at 15:15 |
    I was actually in favor of the cycle lanes until I saw the chaos construction was causing and the apparent poor planning and positioning of much of the development.
    In many respects the work doesn't seem thought through - for example it seems buses stopping will block roads at a number of points where traffic has dramatically been reduced to single lanes, cyclists will be obstructed by passengers boarding buses and pedestrians will suffer from a loss of islands which have been removed to make way for cycles, cars, car-parking and buses :-/

    I do hope TFL do something to improve our train service because the roads look as though travel from Enfield is set to become a lot tougher.


  • John


    21 February 2017 at 17:27 |
    Dear Mr Khan,
    Like many other Enfield residents, I am livid and upset at this scheme, and am hoping that together we can fight this.
    I would like to share with you my personal perspective, to articulate the misery and anger felt by so many. Needless to say, the idea of the cycle scheme, in principle is great and admirable; however, the design is extremely and seriously flawed.
    1) There are cars parked in the middle of the road - this is dangerous and ill conceived. A friend nearly went into a parked car, had her passenger not alert her to the fact.
    2) There is a bottleneck at the junction of Green Lanes, Green Dragon Lane and Ridge Avenue
    a) the island is in the wrong place, as people wanting to go straight can not do so, until cars turning left into Green Dragon Lane have been given way.
    b) there is so much noise and pollution from this bottle neck that stretches back to our house on Ridge Avenue.
    c) the pollution has caused me some breathing issues and when blowing my nose black soot comes out. I have an appointment with my GP on the 6/3/17 to discuss and see if they can help.
    d) the congestion from the bottlene keeps me awake. The island should be removed and relocated to aid this congestion and alleviate the bottle neck.
    3) Shops are seriously affected, as people can not park outside, and business is declining. Am sure if these shops close down, Enfield will feel this in their coffers due to lack of revenue.
    4) Our guests are having difficulty in parking when coming for a visit. Both my parents have mobility issues and are practically house bound, and this is quite upsetting for them as less and less people come to see them.
    5) People making deliveries to our address are experiencing a difficult time as there is no parking.
    6) Side streets are congested and I received a telling off from a resident of Elsedine Road, as I parked my car outside his house and hadn't moved it for a few days.
    This scheme is an absolute mess. The bike lanes need to be removed.
    We objected to this scheme due to economic and congestion issues, but Enfield and TFL seem to have ignored the wishes of residents and businesses. More interestingly, the work commenced straight after the consultation period, so it's clearly evident that the scheme was going to go ahead regardless. So it went to tender before people had a chance to vote on the scheme, and a contractor was selected. Such awful behaviour from Enfield Council assures leads me to conclude that they did not follow due process and their actions are unlawful.
    As for making Enfield a 'little Holland' - that's the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard. I actually visited Amsterdam on a fact-finding mission, and have found that the Enfield scheme has a great deal to learn and a great deal of adjustment needed to make it work. Firstly, the infrastructure of the public services and transport are phenomenal in Amsterdam. Secondly, the layout of the cycle lanes and car parking/ spaces is well thought-out, and the scheme in Amsterdam can accommodate EVERYONE, with no bias or preferential treatment. Finally no priority is given to bicycles against cars as everything works in harmony.
    In Amsterdam, cars can park at ease outside shops, and cycles can then pass by with no issue. Consideration has been given to businesses and homeowners and a balanced approach used. None of this skulduggery and deceitfulness employed by Enfield Council to line their pockets and if those of their contractors to the detriment of Enfield residents and businesses!!!!!
    THE SCHEME IS FLAWED, ILLEGAL AND A WASTE OF MONEY. The money is best used to serve the public by putting it into schools or healthcare.
    Please reverse this heinous scheme before it ruins the quality of life and the local economy of Enfield.
    Distraught of Enfield


  • Patrick Q

    Patrick Q

    05 March 2017 at 23:59 |
    I am a cyclist, and use Green Lanes very regularly, going North up to Enfield for training rides, and going South as part of my commute to work. Personally I think that this cycle lane the most ill conceived thing I have ever come across, and a complete waste of all our money. I am all for getting people onto bikes and out of their cars, however I feel that this scheme will have the opposite effect.

    Firstly, the idea of mixing pedestrians and cyclists is a ludicrous. In this age of mobile phones where people are so focused on their phones that they are oblivious to anything happening around them they just don't see or even hear approaching cyclist.

    Secondly I don't want to ride up and down ramps at every bus stop, this is not only dangerous, but will also discourage people from cycling. If any of these so called planners had actually consulted cyclists they would have found out that it completely breaks your rhythm and and makes cycling a lot more work.

    Thirdly it puts the onus on bus drivers to only open the bus doors when it is safe to do so. Can you imagine a cyclist colliding an elderly person or a child at 20-25 miles per hour as they are alighting/ boarding the bus.

    Fourthly, now the bus must block the road to stop, creating more delays and pollution.

    My final point is that it is madness to have posts and those ridiculous kerbs separating the bike lane for the rest of the road, they are downright dangerous. I nearly collided with one the other day!! How are they going to keep the cycle lane clean, no street cleaning vehicle will be able to get in amongst all that street furniture. They will get clogged up with leaves and other debris making it even more dangerous. the section going south from the Library to Solna Road is already quite treacherous as it is full of debris from Storm Dorris.

    All of that money could have been spent on a sensible solution for Masons Corner, like a roundabout. The only half decent thing to have come out of this is the resurfacing of a road that was not too bad in the first place. Wide smooth roads will encourage cycling, not crazy little obstacle courses. Cecil Road is horrendous to ride along, it feels like all of my fillings are going to get rattled out every time I ride along there. Resurfacing that would have been a better use of some of that money. As a cyclist I am a road user, and therefore I have to ride in the road, and adhere to the highway code (which thankfully specifies that I don't have to use an absurd cycle lane if I choose not to). I feel safer in the road, or I did until they made it so narrow.


  • Lorraine


    07 March 2017 at 20:13 |
    Where're the bikes?
    Where's the parking?
    Where's the shoppers?
    Where's the traffic jam?
    Where's the air quality ?
    Where's my inhaler?
    Where's the car parking?
    Where's the bus?
    Where's the bus stop?
    Where's the buggy?
    Where's the wheelchair?
    Where's the ambulance?
    Where's the fire engine?
    Where's the police car?
    Where's the health and safety?
    Where's our community?
    Where's Sadiq Kahn?
    Where's Boris?
    Where's their brains?
    Where's the democracy?


  • Maria Williams

    Maria Williams

    15 March 2017 at 12:38 |
    We are becoming more and more online shoppers by the day. This is the way we live now. our main concern at present is how will deliveries of any sort arrive to our doorstep? including of course any collections of large items I live on the A105 and the arrival of the cycle lane has introduced a whole lot of problems and worries for us. Another concern for example is what will happen when we have to carried out any renovations , how are building materials going to be delivered to us. I can imagine that traffic will have to stop behind a large lorry which stops to deliver sand and bricks, causing traffic to come to a halt. Here is another concern, What will happen when we decide to move house. How will removal companies react when asked to cost our removing our personal belongings. I suspect that it will all come to us paying extra for smaller vehicles to park on our drive ... Have they thought about that one???? How will the no parking policy outside our house affect house prices when we want to sell??


  • Mathew C

    Mathew C

    18 March 2017 at 11:42 |
    I drove up Ridge Avenue all the way to Enfield yesterday on my way back from a meeting. I haven't been along this route for a few months, like so many people I have been avoiding it. I can't believe how dangerous this road is now, is this really progress? How on earth has this disaster happened?


  • Ruth


    18 March 2017 at 12:06 |
    Where are all these cyclists going to come from? I very rarely see any on these roads and this scheme is going to be hazardous for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Enfield council also seem oblivious to residents' concerns. Shopkeepers are going to go out of business because of parking and delivery problems - have our councillors not noticed how many shops are already empty in the borough and now we'll be losing a lot more because of this badly thought out scheme which they've imposed on the borough. The money wasted on this is desperately needed in other local services. My vote will definitely be changing next year when the council elections come round. I'm sick of politicians who do their own thing and don't realise they are supposed to LISTEN TO OUR CONCERNS and concentrate on making Enfield a better place for us all to live in.


  • Richard Johnsen

    Richard Johnsen

    20 March 2017 at 17:21 |
    I am a registered blue badge holder. Have had considerabe problems parking on Winchmore Hill Broadway
    and have had difficulty in visiting my usual shops. On one occasion I was also most hit at the temporary crossing lights there when 'A CYCLE' failed to stop at the red light !! I know I will be accused of always finding fault with them !
    I am sure you have had feed back from the shops but all my contacts at the Broadway say their passing trade and regulars have been considerably hit.

    I have given up trying to shop in Palmers Green with the current parking restrictions and cycle track works.

    The back roads are now becoming very congested due to traffic trying the avoid the road works. Traveling time is approx. 10-15% longer.


  • Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds

    24 March 2017 at 06:24 |
    I cycle to work a couple of times a week and struggle to understand how this scheme is ever going to be completed. I have used the completed section a few times, but the novelty has worn off, I have gone back to going via Bush Hill, it is quicker, quieter and safer. Sorry Cycle Enfield this isn't for me and I certainly won't be taking my children cycling along it, it isn't safe.


  • A ROSE

    A ROSE

    25 March 2017 at 04:06 |
    What has been done in Winchmore Hill is a scandal, why haven't the council been forced to resign over what they have done to us, what have we done to deserve it?


  • Valentina


    30 March 2017 at 15:19 |
    And how can the replanting of a few saplings possibly replace a magnificent mature tree like the one that used to grow outside of Coffee Break?


  • Kris


    04 April 2017 at 13:06 |
    As a local resident since birth, I could not be prouder of the local independent business culture that Enfield has to offer and I have strived to support that. Unfortunately, I fear that these cycle lanes will put an end to that culture. I can say from personal experience that I am finding it far more difficult to stop and pop into a local shop that I would have ordinarily visited - no doubt this will continue when the cycle lanes are complete.

    Furthermore, as a driver, I have serious concerns about the construction work. The drop down into Green Dragon Lane was clearly "miscalculated", initially leaving a steep drop from Green lanes into Green Dragon Lane (which I know has caused damage to local cars). As a result it seems they have added some more tarmac to the end which has only worsened the road surface, not to mention it looks like extremely shoddy workmanship for a multimillion pound project and in a fairly picturesque area of london.

    At this particular junction you also have to cross over the cycle lane and pedestrian crossing, into Green Dragon Lane; which is no doubt dangerous to the cyclists and pedestrians. There is a raised curb at the end of the cycle lane which acts as an obstruction to the driver (dangerous once again).

    I drive through the cycle areas to get to work daily and I can categorically say that:
    1) congestion is at an all time high
    2) Cyclists are rarely using the lanes, and instead choosing to cycle in the road,
    3) there are few cyclists on the road in any event
    4) the cycle lane runs through the bus stop which is a hazard for oncoming cyclists and passengers getting off the bus
    5) the buses were previously able to pull to the left when stopping and the traffic could continue without causing issue to the opposite lane; however this is now impossible. I have witnessed cars driving into oncoming traffic in order to take over the bus at the bus stop, causing MORE concern of casualties and general incidents
    6) A number of roads are closed/obstructed when no work is actually being carried out!

    With overcrowded schools, overworked and underfunded NHS and unaffordable housing, I fail to see how these cycle lanes were a cost effective and reasonable expense for our struggling economy.


  • Lorenzo Dodi

    Lorenzo Dodi

    05 April 2017 at 14:35 |
    I have voiced my opposition to the cycle lanes to Enfield Council on numerous times.

    You have also set out a well planned opposition.

    It is clearly apparent that the Council is not listening to anyone not even MPs.

    I feel a new good approach for the future would be for people to stand for election as Councillors with clear mandate to remove the Cycle Lanes.

    The opposition to the cycle lanes are cross party with even cyclists against them ( because they too also have cars they are not living in the stone age )

    It has to be made clear that if elected the cycle lanes removal would be their first action.

    The current Councillors would argue that the cost and disrupttion would be huge but that is exactly what is now happening.

    They should be ignored exactly as they are doing now.

    The response should rely on the traffic flow being returned to normal which will reduce pollution, businesses would recover so bringing life and money back to the borough, buses should be made electric as they are the big polluters, safer for pedestrians and all the points already raised by various individuals.

    The cycle lanes are not fit for purpose as they only go from Enfield Town to Palmers Green which leaves cyclist nowhere to go once they get to Palmers Green north circular. So cyclists are chosing not to use this route as it does not lead them to a location which has more cycle lanes. For any scheme like this to work it has to be part of a much bigger joined up project involving a London wide plan.

    The current cycle lane plan is ultimately floored as cyclists do not pay road tax for the up keep of the cycle lanes motorist do.
    So by trying to reduce the number of cars you reduce tax revenue which is not what the national Government want. So this has to be related upwards to a national level.


    Lorenzo dodi (a resident of Enfield and a council tax payer disgusted with the misuse of MY money)


  • Peter Johns

    Peter Johns

    10 April 2017 at 11:04 |
    How many experiments does GLC need to ascertain whether cycle lane construction on suburban main roads will work or not?

    2, Why should LBE be a guinea pig for these experiments?

    3, If the experiment is not successful, who pays to correct the damage caused in carrying out this experimentation for Tfl? Enfield ratepayers?


  • Chris Ray

    Chris Ray

    10 April 2017 at 13:10 |
    Who has right of way over the new cycle highways when turning left across one?

    I did so at the Green Dragon Lane junction yesterday and noticed that there are no “give way” markings on the road or signage when turning in from Green Lanes.

    If I had just turned left as I always have done, and a cyclist goes into the side of my car, who is at fault?

    I need to know in case I have to make an insurance claim.

    Similarly, if a pedestrian steps off the bus onto the new raised area within the cycle lane and they are hit by a cyclist, again, who gives way to whom?

    Speaking to a keen cyclist who can go a lot faster than mum and dad with the kids in tow, he asked if he must try to overtake them in the cycle lane or can he go into the road?

    What if he gets hit by a car or he hits a car whilst on the road when he could have been in a cycle lane but chose not to use it?

    Are all cyclists now forced to use the cycle lane if there is one?

    We should be told.


  • John


    21 April 2017 at 08:25 |
    I live close to the junction of Bush Hill parade and Church st and would like to say the last 6 months during construction of this Cycle lane have been an absolute nightmare, the queue of traffic the temporary traffic lights has prevented me from being able to access my drive day and night on top of people sounding their horns late at night because the lights have been stuck on red on numerous occasions, they have taken away all the free parking from the area and for our troubles have also increased council tax, Enfield council you are disgraceful in your actions.


  • Rudolf


    21 April 2017 at 13:48 |
    Where are all these cyclists going to come from? I very rarely see any on these roads and this scheme is going to be hazardous for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Enfield council also seem oblivious to residents' concerns. Shopkeepers are going to go out of business because of parking and delivery problems - have our councillors not noticed how many shops are already empty in the borough and now we'll be losing a lot more because of this badly thought out scheme which they've imposed on the borough. The money wasted on this is desperately needed in other local services. My vote will definitely be changing next year when the council elections come round. I'm sick of politicians who do their own thing and don't realise they are supposed to LISTEN TO OUR CONCERNS and concentrate on making Enfield a better place for us all to live in.


  • Spiros


    29 April 2017 at 13:08 |
    Cyclist lanes for non-existent cyclists! Or not? I hear that the London Borough of Enfield, once the lanes have been constructed and become fully operational they will provide every household with a mountain bike. Families with children will also get a bike at a ratio of one bicycle for every two children! No mate if you have three children you will only get one bike, unless you go for the fourth one! We live in a Borough where the local authority does not know what to do with the tax payers money. They live in a different world which they only understand. Instead of investing the money to make the Borough more secured by better policing, installation of cameras everywhere, better lighting, better roads, better schools, better pavements and another one thousand things, they spend it on cyclist lanes which will not be used as there are no cyclists to use them. Has anybody observed the havoc at Sainsbury’s today where they installed the new traffic lights? Absolute disaster with hundreds of cars trying to get in and out of the car park! At the end the police had to be called in to try and sort out the gridlock! The store had to announce over their intercom that they are sorry about the situation which had nothing to do with them blaming at the same time the Council.
    What they should now do is to cut their losses by immediately stop and reversing all works done up to now. At least this way they will be saving some of the money.


  • Audrey


    30 April 2017 at 12:41 |
    I think the completed junction of Green Lanes, Bush Hill Park Rd and Church St is a death trap now it has been completed. The sequence of the traffics lights has been changed so there is Church St traffic and Traffice from Bush Hill Rd moving at the same time. Turning right from Bush Hill Rd into Green Lanes as I do Monday to Friday to go to work is a nightmare now.

    Someone needs to alter this junction before a fatality occurs.


  • Amusungu


    01 May 2017 at 14:39 |
    I am in my seventies, I am disabled, I have balance problems, I cannot ride a bike. All I want to do is live quietly locally and walk daily to my local shops. With these works I feel that you are discriminating against me and others like me carrying on with this way of life. I ask you why? I am not a car user. I am not a polluter. I cannot see any reason why you should want to discriminate against me and on my way of life in this manner.


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