Cllr Maria Alexandrou: the chaos caused by local LTN scheme

on Tuesday, 06 October 2020. Posted in N21 Community

The LowerTraffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme introduced in the ward that I represent have proved to be controversial.


map of trial


The scheme closes off Fox Lane from Green Lanes and Southgate and the roads to the south (the Lakes Estate); with access only from the residential roads off Bourne Hill.


LTN are having the most detrimental impact on many local residents and businesses, but especially on working families, the elderly and those with mobility issues, for whom a car is essential. Residents living within the boundary of the scheme have effectively only have one way out of their roads, regardless of the direction they wish to travel; whilst all residents are now forced onto the roads on the outer boundaries which have become heavily congested. 


This has resulted in Aldermans Hill, Bourne Hill, Cannon Hill and Green Lanes in Palmers Green being overwhelmed with traffic jams, polluting the air.




The Council declared a Climate Emergency and recently launched its Climate Change Action Plan. Yet no green modes of transport have been forthcoming such as a bike hire scheme, e-scooter trial, e-bikes. Unreliable transport links have only exacerbated the problems, especially with many people avoiding using buses and trains during the pandemic.


We are told that closing roads will lead to traffic evaporation. However, much of the traffic is essential to people's daily lives and the argument that LTN reduce traffic by making it inconvenient is flawed, it just pushes traffic onto surrounding roads.


I urge Enfield council to concentrate on improving the infrastructure like adding pedestrian crossings and planting more street trees and we need clarity on the cameras and signage to avoid confusion.


These schemes have been introduced across London, causing similar problems, including alarming delays to emergency vehicles.  Wandsworth council recently scrapped their LTN scheme due to complaints about pollution.


As Fox lane LTN scheme is a live trial, the Council should listen to the voices of the residents for once. Already a local petition has gained nearly 4000 signatures and the council's consutation is due to start in mid October. I would urge anyone who is unhappy with the LTN scheme to tell the council what impact it is having on you.


In the meantime please continue to email your local councillors, it is important that we understand any concerns you may have about this LTN.

Cllr Maria Alexandrou



Cllr Maria Alexandrou

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The other councillors for the ward are:

Cllr Ian Barnes (Deputy leader and leader of the LTN schemes)

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Cllr Dinah Barry

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