Can we have a cat mania cafe please?

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Cats and their antics dominate the internet, links are shared around, almost as much as porn!  Given their popularity, it was only a matter of time that someone would open a cat cafe in London, building on a trend which is so popular in Tokyo, which has over a hundred cat cafes; in a city where most people live in small high rise apartments, unsuitable for pets, but now spreading across the world.


Welcome to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, based in Shoreditch, this is a thoroughly modern approach to business building in the C21st; using the power of cats and social media to create a destination, which is fully booked for weeks even before it opened (March 2014).



Owned by Lauren Pears, aged 30, who describes herself as "Chief cat crazy lady", it is a cafe, serving the usual fare - drinks, snacks, cakes etc, in an environment where you can play with the cats. (The Foods Standards Agency has approved the site, along with relevant animal licensing bodies). Funding for the project (circa £100,000) was raised via a crowd sourcing site, following an article in the Independent newspaper.




 Cute video to pull in the investors!


Next Lauren plays the 'charity card' - nothing wrong with that, 'good cause' marketing is massively importan' in raising funds for charities and other groups.


"We are a home for our rescued cats", working with the Mayhew Animal House "to choose cats that will be happy in the environment that has lots of people in it, and we're working with them to define a really solid plan to make sure they are cared for". "Our venue is designed with the emotional and physical needs of our resident rescue cats in mind and our induction process for the cats is long and gradual to help give them the time, space and resoures they need to form a harmonious household. We provide a safe, comfortable place to live, and a home where they can exhibit their full range of natural behaviours.!


Meet some of the 'staff'.



Next comes 'Calming' - there is a significant body of scientific evidence to suggest that stroking a cat (or another cat) can reduce stress and boost serotonin. 


Creating interest - the pre-launch PR machine was managed very creatively, using social media, magazines, newspapers and online sites to create expectation.Here is Lady Dinah's Mood Board on Pinterest.


Here is the launch video



 And lots of cute content for online sites, from Time Out to!





Just in case you are a novice to the weird and wonderful world of cat videos, here are a few links to get you started



Clever idea? Clever marketing and whats more, this project is highly scaleable, with plenty of franchise and merchandise opportunities.


Lets hope it isn't too long before we have our own cute cat cafe in N21.

Cats and their antics dominate the internet. Given their popularity, it was only a matter of time that someone would open a cat cafe in London, building on a trend which is so popular in Tokyo

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  • Jessica


    04 March 2014 at 20:35 |
    brilliant, what fun


  • Nikki


    30 April 2014 at 19:47 |
    I've just booked a table for Saturday lunch, but its not until July, can't wait


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