Because there is no Plan B

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The Marks & Spencer copyline “Because There is no Plan B” encapsulates the sentiment that the environmental agenda is a necessary part of every business.

You make have adopted the government’s mantra to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and have started to make some step changes in the way you live your life, but have you really thought though the implications for your business and also the opportunities that the green agenda can potentially create?

The need for greater sustainability may actually be creating opportunities for your business and ishould become core to the way you do business.

Whilst consumers aren’t yet making massive changes in the way they live their lives, there is ample research to show that a growing number of people are attracted to companies with green credentials, as long as it isn’t going to cost them too much extra.

Sustainable business planning, isn’t always easy, but there can be economic and business benefits to be gained, as well as ecological and social returns.

Home based business can parade their green credentials. Not only are you reducing your commuting but all the other carbon emissions associated with working in an office building. One company, OutSec, which has a team of over 300 secretaries working from home, has estimated that the service it provides has reduced carbon consumption, by saving over three million miles of travel, which equates to more than 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

Similarly there are ample opportunities for builders and decorators, gardeners, florists, food retailers and restaurants to engage with customers by being more green.

Over the next decade we will move into a business environment which could be termed ‘beyond green’, when operating as sustainably as possible will become the norm.

What shade of green is your business?

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he Marks & Spencer copyline "Because There is no Plan B" encapsulates the sentiment that the environmental agenda is a necessary part of every business.

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