An Open Letter to Cllr Ian Barnes: the LTN Consultation Process

on Tuesday, 03 November 2020. Posted in N21 Community


             Councillor Ian Barnes

             Deputy Leader of the Council

             Chair of the Brexit Panel

             Chair of the Climate Change Task Force

             Culture Strategy Lead

             Vice-Chair of the Enfield Community Resilience Board

             Citizens Advice Trustee Board

             Winchmore Hill ward - Labour

             Phone: 07971 672 805


              Dear Cllr Barnes,


              I would like to ask a couple of questions about the consultation process for the Fox Lane and Bowes Park LTNs.



I am not approaching this from a specific point of view, but mainly to get an understanding of how the council will deal with the opinions of residents for and against the schemes.


1. After the six month trial period is over, how will the council process the information gained from the online comments?

What is the procedure and how long does it take?


2 Are the council required to say how many people were in favour of the scheme and how many opposed them or were neutral. I wasn't sure whether the questions allowed for specific answers to these points despite filling in the consultation forms myself.


3. What criteria will the council use for deciding whether to make the schemes permanent or to remove them?


4. What are the cost implications if the schemes are withdrawn?


5. Bowes Park was implemented with only 268 people responding to the original consultation of which 71% were in favour. The outcry over the implemented scheme suggests that the responses the Council received were not representative of opinion in the part of the wards affected, and possibly was skewed by a high level of activism in Warwick Road, that was not replicated elsewhere. How would you respond to this point?  In numerical terms that is very small given that over 5,000 people live in the area.


6. Has the council supplied paper copies of the consultation to the two LTN areas? This is because there are a high number of elderly or disadvantaged people without internet access or the ability to fill in online consultations. We know this from my area in Winchmore Hill where we have similar percentages of members of the residents association who can only be reached by putting newsletters through their doors.


7. How will local residents be informed and updated of the progress of the consultations and what is the final date when an announcement will be made?


Neil Littman 


I would like to ask a couple of questions about the consultation process for the Fox Lane and Bowes Park LTNs.

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