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Here is another example of how new business ideas are often simple, but work because they provide a solution to a problem. The PoGo Pack is a complete period kit for girls and is designed primarily for mothers to give to their daughters in early puberty, prior to having their first period; as frequently this will occur when they are not at home.

The PoGo pack was developed by Robyn West, for her own daughter, in difficult circumstances. Robyn's husband Ian was going into hospital for a major operation and her daughter was going to stay with friends, so Robyn wanted to prepare for all eventualities.

The story is on the PoGo Pack website, but to quote:

"The spark of an idea! One of the mums I know helped me to realise that the kit I'd put together was a great idea that other parents might appreciate too. By the time I'd driven home, my head was exploding with the possibilities for a Period Kit as I'd never seen anything like it available commercially. Within 48 hours, PoGo – the Period Pack for Girls on the Go! was born".

Sadly Robyn's husband Ian died of cancer in December 2007, but Robyn has gone on to develop PoGo Pack into a business and was a Hertfordshire Business Awards finalist in 2009.

The PoGo Pack can be bought via the website and the well constructed site also has lots of useful articles for mums and daughters, so tell your friends about Pogo Pack.

Its a great idea for Primary Schools (including PTAs) to offer to mums, especially as some girls have their first period as young as eight and one in eight girls are still at primary school when they have their first period. Many are completely unprepared and it can often be a distressing event. The Pogo Pack provides the perfect way for mums to introduce the subject of periods to their daughters. 

From a business perspective, Robyn has taken inexpensive, readily available feminine products and packed them together in an attractive and convenient pack that girls can easily keep in a school bag. The pack also includes information sheets and a small notebook to enable girls to record their own feelings at what is an important and emotionally charged recognition of growing up. 

The PoGo Pack has a large target market, is aspirational, girls will want to talk to their friends about it and will want a PoGo Pack of their own.

The website is useful to anyone looking to set up a new home based business, (even if you are a man!), featuring case studies prepared for Business Link and the University of Bedfordshire.

Who was it that said the simplest ideas are often the best?


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Here is another example of how new business ideas are often simple, but work because they provide a solution to a problem.

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